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January felt like a surprisingly long month but at the same time I can't believe February is only days away. I think it dragged because of some personal stuff I've been dealing with and then I had to go to Tampa for almost a week for work. The warm weather and going out to dinner parts of the trip were great. But being stuck in a room with people from 8:30-5? Not so much. Still, I think the change of scenery was actually a good thing. Then the rest of the month has been filled with dinners/brunch with friends, seeing Bumblebee (so good!), cleaning/organizing my apartment, book events and having relatives from my dad's side visit Jersey.

I'm looking forward to February though which is when I can hopefully finish my living room project and I've got some fun plans with friends too!

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  1. I can't wait to read Love and Other Words! I've had it for some time but just never gotten around to it - gotta fix that.


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