Reviews: Imprison the Sky + The Cold is in Her Bones

pub 1/22/19 by Bloomsbury
Young Adult - Fantasy
Received from pub for review
I remember when I heard Imprison the Sky wouldn’t feature Shalia as the main heroine anymore I couldn’t help feeling slightly disappointed because of how invested I felt in her, her family and other relationships. But having reading Imprison the Sky, I now understand why A.C. Gaughen chose to do so. It completely expanded the world and exposed readers to even more of what this series has to offer while still keeping the same elements I loved from its predecessor – adventure, personal journeys, family and romance. Aspasia is the captain of her own trading ship through Cyrus’ black market but what most don’t know is that she uses her powerful Air magic to free women, children and Elementae from slavery at great risk to herself and her crew (who are of course in on it!). But her powers are a secret to anyone outside of her ship, including Cyrus, but Aspasia fears that her abilities and her mission to find her younger siblings will soon be exposed. I thought the author did a great job of balancing this new chapter of the story while connecting it to the overarching plot and characters introduced in Reign the Earth. If anything, the stakes are higher than ever and I enjoyed seeing how it all overlapped. It made me even more curious to see how she’ll continue the trend in what’s to come! (My guess is there will be two books and I certainly hope I’m right!)

Do I recommend?:  I do! I’ll admit, Reign the Earth is still my favorite because something about Shalia really struck a chord with me but I was definitely invested this one too. I can’t wait to see what book 3 will bring.

pub 1/22/19 by Margaret K.
McElderry Books
YA - Fantasy Retelling
Received from pub for review
When I found out that The Cold Is In Her Bones was inspired by the Medusa, I couldn't resist checking it out. I know of her but I don't actually know what her origin story is so I went into this book expecting something dark and twisty, which is exactly what I got and then some. Milla has been under careful and strict watch her entire life. She's not allowed to go to the village, bears the heavy criticism of her parents and her only friend is her brother Niklas. When a girl named Iris comes to stay at her family's farm, she finally has friendship but also finds out a secret that's been purposely kept from her – the village is cursed by a demon who possesses girls by a certain age and everyone lives in constant fear of who could be chosen next. When Iris becomes possessed and imprisoned, Milla ventures out to save her only to discover that she's changing too (let's just say Milla is a far braver girl than I!). From the get go, I found the story intriguing and the fear is a palpable thing on nearly every page. But I felt a disconnect from the characters and it was only the writing, which made it a fast read, that initially kept me going. However, it does hit its stride in the fourth and final part of the book. It was in those chapters that I found myself caring about Milla, Iris, her family and the dynamics between them all. The end certainly felt satisfying to me and I wish it had found that pacing and emotion earlier in the book.

Do I recommend?: I didn't like it enough to see myself recommending it however if you're interested in myths and how this Medusa tale could unfold, I think it's worth checking out and seeing for yourself.


  1. I absolutely adore Reign the Earth. I also am a little disappointed the sequel doesn't follow Shalia, but to hear that the expansion of the world makes it worth it is exciting! I'm definitely anticipating picking up a copy of the sequel!

  2. I still haven't read Imprison the Sky! I did really like Reign the Earth when I read it, so I think I'll probably still enjoy checking out this companion sequel.


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