Bookshelf Tour

Currently all my books are scattered across my apartment, albeit in an organized fashion. I have four bookshelves in total: my YA one (which I'll be talking about today), two which are a mix of multiple genres (fiction, romance, classics, children's and boxed series sets) and lastly, my Anne of Green Gables vertical bookcase. And let's not forget a poetry stack on my coffee table, inspirational type books on the side table and my entire TBR pile in my bedroom. Like I said, they're everywhere! But I'm not complaining. 

The white bookcase featured above is my newest one and a project I did earlier in the year. I used to have a really dark wood Billy bookcase from IKEA that I bought when I first moved in. It was great at the time but as I evolved the look of my living room, it stuck out and not in a good way. Then I saw the FJÄLKINGE shelf unit through a bookstagrammer and immediately knew it would be perfect for my space. I will say that it did require me to cull a lot of books because it was smaller than my original but it was worth it. It gave me a chance to more strictly curate my library and I just loved how it looked – light and airy while beautifully showcasing my books without making the room feel smaller.

I used to organized these books in alphabetical order by author and would put one too many trinkets on the shelves. I recently decided to change it up and I am so happy with the results! 

First shelf: Overall, I decided to organize books by height and/or category. The first one are all my paperbacks which are around the same height. But I purposely put tge Jennifer L. Armentrout books together, plus a photo and a Daemon Black candle that I don't ever want to burn. 

Second shelf: The books on the left are grouped together by height and happen to be all fantasy. The books in the "center" didn't quite fit in anywhere but they're also some of my favorites so it worked out that they're a bit separate. Then the rest of the shelf is dedicated to Sarah J. Maas. It's all her books, plus Throne of Glass related merch and a photo with her.

Third shelf: I absolutely love how rainbow shelves look but I have to admit, it drives me crazy not knowing exactly where everything is. Which is why having a single rainbow shelf of all my contemporary hardcovers was perfect. 

Fourth shelf: All fantasy books! Plus two photos with dear friends. It's no accident that both of these photos are bookish in nature. One is from a To All the Boys I've Loved Before party and the other from BookCon and since we all love mermaids, the Ariel Funko fit right in. 

Fifth and last shelf: Basically everything else but they are still categories. The first four columns are are paranormal, sci-fi and fantasy while the last is contemporary. I also showcase my collection of magnetic bookmarks (I used to be obsessed with these!), my two wands (Hermione and Luna) and one of my favorite prints of Rowan and Aelin. 

That's my latest shelf! 
How do you decorate your shelves? 

If you'd like to see more bookshelf tours, let me know!


  1. I moved back in June and am a little embarrassed to admit I haven't quite finished decorating yet! I have a white KALLAX shelf unit (4x4) from IKEA but I didn't realize it wasn't large enough to fit all my books and bookish items. So now I have tons of storage boxes all over the place 😅 I'm thinking about getting another one and placing them side-by-side to be 8x4 but I'm afraid it's going to look like too much going on!

  2. I feel so honored to have made your bookshelf! Our To All the Boys photos are some of my favorites<3 And I'll definitely be bookmarking this post for when I need a recommendation! I keep my contemporaries in rainbow order too. It looks so stunning! I love this post! I hope you'll be showing us more of your shelves in the future!!

  3. I like how you rainbowed one shelf by genre!! That's a good idea so books aren't all mixed-- I rainbowed a few of my shelves and LOVE the way it looked, but I didn't know where ANYTHING was. It's allllll messed up now due to Bookstagram, so I have to figure out a new game plan.

  4. Your bookshelf looks so beautiful! I've said it before, but I'll say it again - I love how it turned out. It's the perfect combination of books + trinkets :D


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