Apartment Must-Haves

When I first moved into my apartment, I had no idea what I wanted. I had only ever decorated my bedroom before and suddenly I had this whole space to furnish. It took me a while but I finally settled on a look that was me. And even though I still change things around or retire certain decor ideas from my apartment, I realized I do have certain staples that I do think make an apartment.

1. Statement rug
Whenever I post pictures of my living room, the rug is usually the first thing that gets complimented. This was actually the first big non-furniture purchase I made for my apartment almost 4 years ago and I still love it to this day. It was totally worth splurging on. 

2. Throw pillows
Whether it's throw pillows on your couch or your bed, they can totally brighten things up and give the room a cozy feel. I had bold and colorful pillows for years but recently switched so a more subtle color scheme.

3. Fresh flowers
I love having fresh flowers in my apartment! I buy flowers every week from Trader Joe's which I put in the entryway and on my coffee table. I also have plants and fake flowers scattered throughout too. I think it looks really pretty and just adds a personal touch.

4. Art prints
I'm going to do a whole post on art prints in a few weeks but needless to say, I have them everywhere! In my dining room, bedroom, living room, over my dresser, on my desk. It's such an easy way to decorate and show off what you love, whether it's travel, quotes or illustrations. Or in my case, a little bit of everything! 

5. Gold accents
I recently became obsessed with adding gold accents to my apartment. On my desk, I have a gold organizer and a little gold & ceramic succulent figurine. But also scattered through my apartment is a gold frame, gold geometric triangles, a gold ampersand. The list goes on. I don't have too many and I try to make sure they're mixed in with other items so it's not overwhelming. But I do think they had a chic touch to the rest of my decor. 

So those are my staples! Who knows what other ideas I'll come up with or be inspired by but in the meantime, I think these five will remain a bit part of my apartment's look overall. 

What are YOUR apartment must-haves?


  1. Your decor is beautiful. I really like how simple and clean it is. I love the idea of art prints. I think that might be something I'll incorporate into my decor. I'll be looking forward to your post about them. I'm curious where you find them. Etsy? I also see a leaning bookshelf in your photos. I've been on a hunt for one of those! I love them. I love a good area rug, too. Yours is amazing. :)

  2. I've always thought your apartment looks amazing! For me, I've always felt like bookshelves are definitely an apartment staple. They're definitely the statement part of our common living area and I love them. I'm also really into prints now as well and have a ton up on our walls!


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