Favorite Prints & Where To Find Them

As I mentioned in my Apartment Must-Haves post, I have a lot of prints! I've been collecting them over the years and it's a mix of photography, illustrations, art and words/quotes. They're a great way to not only add something extra to the room but a way to also show off your interests. Looking at my prints, it's obvious I love: Paris (cityscapes in general tbh), Audrey Hepburn and words. 

Here are some of my favorites and where I bought them: 

I have a major soft spot for the Coco Chanel print that says: "A girl should be two things classy and fabulous." One, because I love Chanel and two, I bought it from Joss & Main a month before I moved into my apartment and almost 4 years later, it's still hanging up in my bedroom. Joss & Main is a great resource for art and what they carry changes frequently so it's worth checking out. 

I really do love my mini galleries and there are a lot of favorites in this one little section. I'm currently obsessed with Laura Row Studio on Etsy and her watercolor prints. After buying one for a friend, I bought one of myself – the Breakfast at Tiffany collage on the middle left. Love, love, love her style. 

The rest of the prints are a mix of Society6 (I like them a lot but you definitely have to dig around to find what you want), IKEA (they really surprise me with their prints sometimes), Hobby Lobby, The Whitney Museum (see the Georgia O'Keefe print at the top? I'm a fan of her abstract stuff), and Bowne Print Shop at South Street Seaport. You never know where you can find something cool to hang up! I try not to just rely on the typical resources. 

I think everyone who knows me knows that my favorite movie of all time is Before Sunset. At the time, this was the only movie-related print I could find that I liked. I was iffy about it but then my best friend (who ended up buying it for me) said it's a conversation starter. Because whoever sees it will ask me about Celine and Jesse. And it's true! (I got it on Society6 but it seems like they don't have it anymore.)

For all my gallery wall love, I do enjoy having one big statement print over my sofa. I used to have a canvas of Paris but I wasn't a fan of the colors anymore so I switched to this photo of the Louvre from Minted. It's definitely an investment so make sure you're in love with the piece. (I was eyeing this one for well over a year!)

This is a gallery wall over my dining table that's a mix of Society6 and Minted. But that little Paris print on the bottom right? I bought it during my trip to Paris in 2011 and tossed it in a drawer, completely forgotten. When I was cleaning out my bedroom recently, I saw it and decided to hang it up. It fit right in!

Lulu & Georgia is another underrated source for prints. When I saw this Home Sweet Apartment one, it was sold out and I must've stalked the website every day until they had more available. It's cute and simple and perfect for my entryway.


So, those are all my favorites!
And one last tip about hanging up prints -- be deliberate about the frames
you choose. They make a difference!

Which prints were your faves? And where do you buy your art?

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  1. So... I officially feel like I want to buy more prints now, thanks ;) I love having prints up though (even though I didn't frame most of mine and just stuck them on the wall). It adds character to an apartment/house, and it definitely lets you express your interests. I got most of mine during NYCC last year, and a couple of prints from Society6 and RedBubble for some of my fandoms :)


with love,