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November (and December) always fly by and I'm pretty sure it's because it's my favorite time of the year, in spite of the cold weather. I love Thanksgiving and as usual, it was a big family gathering at my parents' house with way too much food and lots of laughs. I did a ton of Christmas shopping during my mini-staycation, which also led to buying presents for myself too. I watched two movies (Crimes of Grindelwald which I enjoyed and Bohemian Rhapsody which I loved), went to bookish events with friends, worked on puzzles and saw my besties. It was busy but also slower month which I definitely needed.

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  1. YESSSS. Leigh's mermaid story is my favorite!! I'm also really happy to see that Slayer was your favorite read of the month- I'm planning on getting to that one in December! And I really enjoyed The Darkest Part of the Forest too! I'm hoping to read the Tithe series next year! And I absolutely love your rainbow bookshelf!

  2. I just read The Darkest Part of the Forest this year, and I loved it! It's so brilliantly done. I still really want to check out Text Me When You Get Home: The Evolution and Triumph of Modern Female Friendship!


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