What I'm Listening To | November

Each month I'll share five songs I'm been loving all month and hopefully you'll find a song or two (or all of them!) to love as well.

Just press play to listen to all the songs!

Thank U, Next
- Ariana Grande | This might just be my favorite song from Ariana ever. I think loving yourself and who you are is so important and this song is all about that.

Light On - Maggie Rogers | If Maggie Rogers has a new song out, it's bound to find its way on my playlist. I can't wait to hear the full album and see her live next year in concert.

How Did I Find You - Neiked | The part where she sings "You're upside down, I'm inside out / We're opposite, crazy but we just make sense" is just SO catchy.

Tightrope - Young the Giant | They came out with a new album recently and I can happily say, it's a really good album. This song is my fave track.

Headlights - Hellberg & Leona Lewis | I don't think Leona Lewis gets enough credit for what an incredible voice she has. I haven't heard anything new from her so I was pleasantly surprised to hear her on this song!

I've got so much love
Got so much patience I've learned from the pain
I turned out amazing

Which song is your favorite?

Here's my full November playlist if you want to know what else I'm listening to!

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  1. Light On still hits me right in the feels! I love that song so much.


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