What I'm Listening To | July

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Lately I'm randomly alternating between upbeat and slow love songs which you'll hear soon enough in this random playlist!

Unless It's With You - Christina Aguilera | As a long-time fan I have to say, I'm very happy with her latest album! Almost all the songs are great but when I heard this ballad, I couldn't help playing it over and over again. 

The End of Love - Florence + the Machine | There's this lyric that goes "I've always been in love with you / Could you tell it from the moment that I met you?" and the emotion in her voice gets me every single time.

The Light is Coming - Ariana Grande ft. Nicki Minaj | I love Ariana Grande but not so much when it comes to Nicki Minaj. However, they are awesome collaborators and this song is no exception.

Simplify - Young the Giant | It's been way too long since their last album (which I didn't love) but give how much I enjoy Simplify, I hope it's a good sign of more awesome songs to come.

Keeping Score - Dan + Shay ft. Kelly Clarkson | Ever since I heard this song, I keep blasting it in the car just so I can sing along. It's so catchy and.. singable. (Is that even a word? Probably not but I don't care!)

<3 High as Hope!

Which song is your favorite?

Here's my full July playlist if you want to know what else I'm listening to!

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  1. I honestly didn't expect to like The Light is Coming as much as I do! But it's a super catchy track.


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