What I'm Listening To | December

My most listened to songs this month are: 

1. Love You For a Long Time - Maggie Rogers
It's Maggie Rogers, need I say more? I'm really hoping this new amazing single means a new amazing album is on the horizon! 

2. Still Waiting To Start - Nina Nesbitt
I noticed her voice first and then the lyrics. The whole song is about looking back and wanting to stop time because she's afraid of the future and change (this is high school/college and at times me right now in nutshell). But my absolute favorite part of the song is the bridge. 

3. Jacqueline - Circa Waves
I need more music like this! Lately it's been a lot of pop and country (surprisingly) but I miss my indie rock / alternative tunes so much. 

4. everything i wanted - Billie Eilish
Her voice and the vibe of her songs are just so unique. This immediately caught my ear!

5. Boom - Lucus
I can't resist a catchy song and this one is a bop. (Although I just watched the official music video and he looks like he's in high school 😂)

Listen here!

What are some of your favorite songs this month?

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  1. Love You For a Long Time is sooooo good. I love that song (and Maggie) so dang much, and I can't wait for another album from her!


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