What I'm Listening To | February

Each month I'll share five songs I'm been loving all month and hopefully you'll find a song or two (or all of them!) to love as well.

Just press play to listen to all the songs!

- Ariana Grande | I've been playing Ariana Grande's latest album so much since it released. Of the songs I hadn't heard yet, NASA immediately became a favorite.

needy - Ariana Grande | I mean, I might as well be honest about my Ariana fangirling these days and put two songs on here. Needy is my other fave.

Burning - Maggie Rogers | Another singer I can't stop listening to! I'm so excited to see her live with DJ in a little over a month.

No Scrubs (TLC Cover) - Weezer | I didn't expect to love Weezer's surprise cover album (aka the Teal Album) as much as I did! I'm a fan but if I'm being honest, I think the Blue Album is perfect and then I'll just like random songs here and there (and everything after Raditude doesn't exist to me). But this latest one is so much fun. This cover and Stand by Me are the ones I listen to the most.

Pushin' Time - Miranda Lambert | After reading about Miranda Lambert's wedding announcement, I felt like listening to her album from 2016. At the time I was obsessed with the song "Vice" (I still love it!) but I never actually listened to the whole album. I was struck by her heartfelt lyrics and Pushin' Time, in particular, hit me hard. Even though it's not one of my most listened to songs this month (yet), I needed to include it today.

Which song is your favorite?

Here's my full February playlist if you want to know what else I'm listening to!

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  1. NASA is still my favorite track off of that album! And I'm pretty much just obsessed with Maggie Rogers, so it's no surprise that Burning is part of my constant rotation these days too.


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