Project Ice Cream

Project Ice Cream started off as this spreadsheet that I created on a whim because I love ice cream and wanted to try more places, specifically in New York. It's funny to me that a few years later not only am I still continuing this project but it's a feature on my blog and friends happily continue to join me on these outings. Best of all, there will always be more places to try! I just went through my list a couple weeks ago and added at least 10 more spots. Luckily, summer weather is finally here (not that I really let the cold stop me from satisfying my ice cream cravings) and that means more outings!

But here's what I've been since my last update in September:

[top-bottom; left-right]

1. Chinatown Ice Cream Factory
I've been here three times and I can't get enough of their "regular" (read: exotic) flavors. The last flavors I tried were pandan (Malaysian leaf often used to flavor desserts & foods) and don tot (light creamy Chinese egg custard).

2. Chanson Patisserie
I used to go here at least once a week for their black sesame kouign amann and then I suddenly noticed a sign for ice cream! After a particularly stressful week at work, I treated myself to their black sesame soft serve ice cream topped with yogurt chips and kouign amann bits. It's a huge portion and pricey but well-worth it!

3. ChikaLicious Dessert Bar
They're known for their coneChurro (it's even trademarked!) so we had to give it a shot. The combination of s'mores ice cream with churros was delicious.

4. Van Leeuwen Ice Cream Shop
They have multiple locations and that time I went to the one in Brooklyn. Alexa and I had stopped by Books Are Magic (cutest book store!) and since this was only a few blocks away, it made sense to go here too (obviously). I got the honeycomb and conversation hearts flavors which I totally picked their names, especially the latter.

5. Stuffed Ice Cream
I got their cruff which is a glazed donut with ice cream inside of it. And yes, it's as yummy as it sounds, although definitely on the messy side. I got their signature Unicorn Poop which is White Chocolate Lavender and Thai Tea ice cream with fruity pebbles and condensed milk.

6. Soft Swerve
This was my second time coming back and I went with Alexa and Kristin. Instead of a cone, we all decided to go for large cups (because why not?!) and created my own mix of ube and almond cookie swirl topped with fruity pebbles, almond cookie crumbs and mochi.

7. Big Gay Ice Cream
This is one of the most famous places in NYC and it's been on my list forever but I didn't try it until 2 weeks ago! Alexa, DJ and I went after a lovely dinner together and I really liked it! I got their Salty Pimp which is vanilla soft swerve injected with dulce de leche and coated with a chocolate shell. I want to back and try more of their flavors!

8. Coffee & Cream by OddFellows
Coffee & Cream is a new ice cream shop by OddFellows that opened up in April and I am a HUGE fan. Not only is the aesthetic adorable but the service was amazing. They were super friendly and very diligent about getting the ice cream on my cone to look perfect. Each scoop looked so perfectly round that I was certain I would drop it but they told me they'd give me another if I did! I got the sprinkles and Thai iced tea flavors and seriously, this is one of my favorite spots now.

Have you guys been to any of these places?
Or better yet, do you have any ice cream recs for me?
I'd love to hear them!


  1. These are my favorite of your posts- I always end up adding new places to my list!

  2. Honestly, I'm always pleasantly surprised that I am with you for pretty much 75% of the places you include on this list! It's such a treat (literally too) ;)


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