Spring Survival Kit

In December, Alexa and I shared a survival kit for winter and realized this was something we wanted to do seasonally. Now that it's supposed to be spring–even though it doesn't quite feel like it yet–I'm so ready for a change in season. I want to start wearing flats, lighter jackets and short sleeve tops. The only thing I could do without are my allergies, which are unfortunately active all year round but definitely at its worst during spring. Still, I'll take that over heavy winter coats, Uggs (even though I do love mine) and snowstorms any day. So here's what I need during the Spring time while I wait Summer to arrive.

1 | Lighter jackets • I can finally put away the winter coats, fleece hats and gloves (but hold onto the scarves) when it's finally spring. I have a few staple jackets and this one from J.Crew is one of my faves. It's still neutral despite being olive green and I love the pockets since I usually just want to carry my phone + wallet during lunch.

2 | Allegra + Flonase nasal spray • Not exactly a fun duo to include on this list but absolutely necessary for me. My constant sniffles means a lot of people ask me if I'm sick (no, just allergies) and this year I want to actually remember to take my meds every day.

3 | Short sleeve tops • I am all about the flowy short sleeve tops and my go-to's are usually neutrals (cream, black, blush, etc), stripes and florals. The ones I've featured here are from Aritzia, Express, Madewell and Target.

4 | Fun nail polish • I started wearing Essie Treat Love & Color in Daytime Dreamer a couple months ago because I love the color purple all year round and I got so many compliments! Everyone kept saying it was perfect for spring and I couldn't agree more.

5 | Hand lotion • My hands are always so dry during the winter and spring months so hand lotion is an absolute must. I keep one in my bag, next to my bed and at my desk at work. The Chanel La Creme Main is what I always carry with me and I love it. (I'm also a sucker for Chanel.) But I love how it absorbs and my hands don't feel greasy afterwards.

6 | Face masks • My face is also dry during the winter and spring months after I wash my face (and unfortunately gets oily throughout the day). These Tony Moly sheet masks are awesome. Aside from being incredibly cheap, there are just so many options! It's such an easy step to add to your nighttime skincare routine.

7 | Flats • You all know how much I love my flats and they're probably one of the things I miss most during winter. I check the weather every morning while I get ready for work and if I see that it's going to be high 50s that day, I'll immediately grab my flats even though it's 30 degrees when I leave my apartment. The ones pictured here are from Sam Edelman and J.Crew.

8 | Colorful bag • I love bags and while I typical stick to neutrals like taupe, cognac, blush pink and black, there is one bright color I absolutely love and it's yellow! I had one from Coach for years and it started looking a lot worse for wear so I decided it was time for a replacement. I fell in love with this Kate Spade one and was so happy to find it at a nearby outlet.

What are your spring essentials? 

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  1. Everything you've noted here about allergies = ME. I have never read sentences truer than the ones you've spoken above ... I'm trying not to get annoyed when people ask me if I'm sick, especially because they probably just want to start a conversation with me! Do your allergies get worse when you travel?

    1. I’m glad it’s not just me! I try not get annoyed about it too cause yeah, they’re probably just being nice lol. And when I travel, it depends? Now I try to always bring my nasal spray (at least) with me just in case.

  2. Honestly, allergy meds are an essential for the entire year but especially in spring! As Macky likes to say, "Nature hates you" (AKA me) :p


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