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Ever since Entertainment Weekly shocked all Dawson's Creek fans with that surprise reunion, I can't stop thinking about the show! It's no secret I've randomly re-watched episodes or clips on YouTube on and off but the reunion sparked a whole lot of nostalgia. Maybe it's because I long for the feeling it gave me at that very specific time in my life or it just reminds me of a simpler time. I've certainly been obsessed with other shows before and since then but there's always been something special about Dawson's Creek. Part of my trip down memory lane has been revisiting this playlist I made a while ago of all my favorite songs from the show and I wanted to share it today. There's some obvious choices (but I excluded "I Don't Want to Wait", sorry guys) and others that I feel fall under the radar. And shockingly, not all of my songs are tied to Pacey and Joey scenes!


You Don’t Know Me - Jann Arden | S1 · E2 · Dance
Jen and Dawson are dancing on the dock while Joey looks on at them longingly. I was a bit shocked by the first episode but this was the moment that hooked me. I completely connected to Joey in that moment.

The Right Place - Eddi Reader | S1 · E3 · Kiss
Joey and Anderson (remember him?) go on sailing on their first and only date. I just really liked the song (and Joey's outfit).

I’ll Be - Edwin McCain | S1 · E13 · Decisions
I can't hear this song without thinking of Dawson's Creek.

Heart and Shoulder - Heather Nova | S2 · E9 · The Election
I became a Heather Nova fan thanks to this show. They picked so many great songs from her!

I Could Be The One - Donna Lewis | S2 · E17 · Psychic Friends
Joey meets a photographer who asks her to model for him and she does! (Except she drags Jack along.) The song was the perfect backdrop as we saw Joey let loose and have a bit of fun.

How - Lisa Loeb | S2 · E17 · Psychic Friends
I only knew the song "Stay" by Lisa Loeb but DC introduced me to her newer music, like this song.

Feels Like Home - Chantal Kreviazuk |  S2 · E18 · A Perfect Wedding
Another singer DC introduced me to. I definitely had this song on repeat after I heard it.

Paper Cup - Heather Nova | S2 · E21 · Ch... Ch... Ch... Changes
I admit for a brief time, I was a Pacey and Andie fan and this is their song.

Settling - Tara MacLean | S3 · E17 · Cinderella Story
When Pacey kisses Joey for the first time! Like really kisses her. (I'm not counting season 1.)

My Invitation - Sarah Slean | S3 · E22 · The Anti-Prom
The scene where Joey and Pacey dance and he whispers that he "remembers everything" and every teenage girl (and adult woman, including myself) swoons.

I Will Be There For You - Jessica Andrews |  S3 · E23 · True Love
Some people remember Dawson's ugly crying face but I remember Joey turning and running as fast as she can to Pacey.

I Will Love You - Fisher | S4 · E14 · A Winter's Tale
Joey and Pacey's first time together.

Show Me Heaven - Jessica Andrews | S4 · E21 · Separation Anxiety
To be honest, I don't remember when this song was used but I do remember playing it over and over again after I heard it.

What are your favorite songs from Dawson's Creek?
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  2. Feels Like Home was always a song I absolutely adored! <3


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