Friends with ARCs | More Than We Can Tell by Brigid Kemmerer

Collaborative feature with Alexa. We read ARCs together and post our reviews on the same date.

More Than We Can Tell by
Brigid Kemmerer
pub 3/6/18 by Bloomsbury Children's
Young Adult - Contemporary
Received ARC from publisher
Plot • Even though More Than We Can Tell is a standalone book, it does take place in the same world as Letters to the Lost and I was eager to return to it. We finally learn more about Rev who’s conflicted when he unexpectedly receives a letter from his abusive father. It brings back childhood trauma that he’s yet to deal with, in spite of the support he receives from loving adoptive parents and best friend, Declan. On the other hand, Emma is a talented game designer and even built one from scratch that’s being played by a ton of users. But between an online troll whose threats get worse and worse plus the impending doom of her parents’ marriage, she can’t help feeling alone and scared. And that is exactly when these two cross paths.

Characters • Who wasn’t curious about Rev after reading Letters to the Lost? (If you say no, you must be lying.) His story is a heartbreaking one and only becomes increasingly so as we learn what he’s been through. It’s what made the moments with his parents, Declan and later Emma so important. Because they got him even when he’s afraid or spiraling. He’s just such a good guy. With Emma, I have to say I didn’t click with her as much. I enjoy snark just as much as the next person but she lashed out at everyone in a way I didn’t always comprehend. That said, I did enjoy her interactions with Rev and her character does some growing up along the way.

Writing • Kemmerer’s writing always reels me in. I started off with her paranormal books but I am absolutely loving her foray into YA contemporary lit. I actually hope she does another companion novel in this world! (I have a character I can recommend.)

Overall feelings • I enjoyed it a lot! If you haven’t read anything by Kemmerer yet, I highly recommend you do.

What’s your favorite role playing game? • Zelda. I still vividly remember playing this on  Nintendo when I was 5 or 6. My dad and I became obsessed with beating the game (we eventually did!). It’s the one game I’m always happy to play on any system even though I don’t play much anymore.

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  1. More Than We Can Tell totally made me cry! I think Brigid just does such an incredible job telling this story, and it made me totally fall in love with Rev.


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