Style Essentials: Overnight Flights

As we speak I am currently on a flight back home from Iceland (sad face) but as I was getting ready for the trip, I realized that almost every international trip I've taken in the last few years has been overnight. It makes a lot of sense. You get on the plane, sleep the entire time and when you wake up, you're in a beautiful new country ready to start the day. Of course, the reality is that I have trouble sleeping on planes, have often dealt with airline mishaps and the first day can be really rough without proper rest. But with every trip I've taken, I feel like I've gotten better and better about figuring out what I need to feel rested and comfortable on the flight so I wake up (mostly) functional and excited to start sightseeing.

I thought I'd share those trips and break it down by what to wear and what to bring!

What to wear

This is exactly what I wore on the flight to to Iceland, minus the sneakers (I wore my snow boots since that was really the only pair I was planning to use for the entire trip and didn't want to put them in my suitcase). Comfort is an absolute must for overnight flights so it should go without saying that wearing jeans or anything constricting is not a good idea. But that doesn't mean you can't still look cute in loungewear! 

J'Adore Coffee tee | I am sucker for tee shirts with French phrases and this couldn't be more perfect for me. 

Geometrical snap pullover | I saw one of my fave bloggers wearing this and much to my surprise, it was from Abercrombie! I can't remember the last time I shopped there. But this has become a staple in my wardrobe. It's cute and keeps me very warm which was perfect for my trip and the plane since I often get cold. 

Sweatpants/joggers | I usually wear leggings on a flight but I wanted to try something different and I'm glad I did! Another quirk about me is that I only wear leggings with long tops (sorry, I don't 100% feel they're proper pants!) so that was another reason to wear the joggers instead. They were still slim-fitted which I like, super comfy and I could tuck in my tee to look more put together. 

Lace bralette | Sleeping in an underwire bra definitely isn't high on the comfort scale. But a bralette is perfect! I like this one a lot because the fabric is soft but there's just the right amount of padding that I feel somewhat supported when I'm walking around. 

Vans slip-ons | They're just so convenient. I can easily slip them off and on while going through security and when I'm on the plane.  

What to bring

I typically pack lightly and try to avoid having to check in my luggage if possible. But sometimes it can't be helped and Iceland was one of those trips since I had to pack a lot of thick sweaters. So when I think about what to bring with me on the plane in those cases, I ask myself two things: if the plane lost (or temporarily misplaced) my luggage, what would I get upset over losing and what would I need to hold me over until the situation got sorted out? 

Fjallraven's Kanken backpack | I got this for my trip, knowing it was something I would continue to use long after. While my large Longchamp bag has long been my staple for trips, I've recently started to embrace using backpacks. I can still fit a lot but they're so much easier to carry (instead of my one shoulder killing me) and it keeps my hands free. This one is durable and surprisingly fits a lot!

H&M crossbody | I used this small crossbody for daily city excursions but for the flight, it just helped to have my passport, wallet, documents and such right at my waist for easy access. 

Books + Kindle | This is more about comfort on the flight and if there's anything I must have, it's something to read. 

Camera | This falls under the "what would I be upset to lose" category. This mirrorless camera was an investment for me as I tried to get better at photography and there's no way I'm letting it out of my sight. 

Planner + headphones | Again, this is more about comfort. Noise cancelling headphones help me sleep and I take that planner with me almost everywhere now. 

Neck pillow | Unless you're one of those people who can fall asleep anywhere and under any circumstances (I'm not!), I can't emphasize enough the need for a good neck pillow. I had been using a cheap one for years and I finally bought this highly rated one from Amazon and it was totally worth it.

Makeup, toiletries + extra pair of clothes (not pictured) | These are all the things I would need to get through a day or two if my luggage were lost. And I genuinely think it's good to be prepared so having a change of clean clothes and the necessities needed to clean myself up MUST be in my carry-on. 

What are your essentials for overnight flights?


  1. I feel you on the camera! I saw your photos of Iceland on IG and I'm so jealous! It looked like it was a lot of fun. Love wearing slip-ons on the regular, including flights. I wore boots on a flight once (it was the winter and I didn't want to pack them in my luggage) and going through security was such a pain since pulling them on took a lot longer than usual.

    I'm glad that the Fjallraven Kanken fits a lot of stuff because I've been looking into it more since it's so popular. I don't use neck pillows on flights because I find them uncomfortable and I definitely cannot fall asleep anywhere but I think what ends up happening is that I end up falling asleep when I've worn myself out, which is not the best thing I should do. :/

  2. Everything you've mentioned is totally an essential for me too! I especially like dressing in clothes that feel like PJs, just because it makes me feel a little more comfortable and cozy on the plane.


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