Looking back on 2017

I wasn't sure what I was going to say about 2017. It felt like the year flew by faster than any other year before. And I've admittedly had a lot of frustrations regarding certain areas of my life at the forefront of my mind these days. But then I sat down to make the photo collage above. I went through all my photos starting from January until now and I realized, I did a lot this year. I guess for all my talk of every month flying by, in some ways 2017 also felt very long. That's why I enjoy this end of year reflection so much. It's a chance to sit down and remember all the awesome things that did happen. It's a reminder of all the opportunities and moments with my family and friends that I am truly grateful for. 

Here are 17 highlights from 2017
1 • I finally went to Disney World and I got to share the experience with my best friend, Carina. It was so much fun to just feel like a kid again for a few days, see Cinderella's castle and go on all the rides. Of course, we also had to check out Harry Potter World while we were there, which made the trip extra fun. 

2 • I met Misty Copeland! I'm a huge fan of ballet and Misty Copeland is one of the most incredible dancers I've ever seen. When I found out that she'd be doing a signing at Barnes & Noble in Union Square, Alexa and I knew we had to go. My one regret is that I couldn't take a real picture with her (it wasn't allowed) but we snuck in some candid shots!

3 • Seeing Anastasia on Broadway. I love seeing at least one Broadway show a year and the nostalgia was at an all-time high to see this adapted for the stage. I couldn't help singing along to my favorite songs and being sucked into how they recreated the characters and the setting. 

4 • One perk from my old job that I miss is getting to travel for work. But in 2017 we opened up a San Francisco office and my team got to go for a week in April! I managed to sneak in some sight-seeing like Twin's Peak, Chinatown, Fisherman's Wharf, riding a cable car and most importantly of all, Philz Coffee every day. 

5 • I went to Barcelona (with a day trip to Madrid) with my other best friend, Mary Ann. What a beautiful country. I loved the food, the people, the culture and working on my Spanish-speaking skills (ha!) for that entire week. Gaudí's influence was everywhere but of all his works, I was most blown away by the Sagrada Familia. It's one of the most beautiful buildings I've ever seen in my life.

6 • American Ballet Theatre season passes. This has become an annual tradition for Alexa and I and one I look forward to every year. We saw Giselle, Swan Lake, and Onegin (my fave!). 

7 • I didn't go to Book Expo America again this year but I was still invited to all the book blogger events hosted by the publishers and I was given a free ticket to BookCon through Books on the Subway. Which meant I got to see friends, meet authors and get more books. 

8 • Alexa and I did a weekend road trip to Providence, RI. It's a very low-key town that was perfect for relaxing. We went to the beach, ate great food and saw some of the historical sites plus RISD.

9 • For my birthday, Carina treated me to a spa day at SoJo Spa Club. I don't think I've ever felt so relaxed! We got massages and sat in the saunas and various pools. I want to go back!

10 • Carina and I went to Smorgasburg in Brooklyn. It's been on my to-do list for years and did not disappoint. 

11 • It just so happened that on the day of the solar eclipse I decided to take a personal day to spend in NYC. I wanted a day to myself to just explore sights I never seem to have time for. I went to the Guggenheim, a French restaurant, indie bookstore, got a manicure and someone was kind enough to let me use their glasses to the see the eclipse!

12 • Alexa and I went to the Bryant Park Film Festival to watch a screening of Dirty Dancing. Such a fun experience! I'll never forgot how at the end, everyone in the park stood up to sing and dance along to "I've Had the Time of my Life". 

13 • I booked a trip to Iceland with Alexa! We're going in March but booking this trip and all the various tours has been such a highlight to me. I'm so excited!

14 • When I realized Sarah J. Maas wouldn't be coming to NYC for a signing this year, I was kind of bummed. Then Alexa, DJ and I got the brilliant idea to drive to PA to see her and I was so happy we did. It was fun to road trip together and Sarah was her usual lovely self. 

15 • My cousin John and long-time girlfriend (now wife!) got married this year. I was a bridesmaid and it was seriously the best wedding I've ever been to. 

16 Outings with my cousins. I've always been the planner in my family but I took it to another level this year. We did Escape the Room. We went apple picking. And I decided we're all going to the Philippines in 2019 and everyone is on board. 

17 • I can't have a best of 2017 list without mentioning Project Ice Cream. Checking out ice cream shops with NYC will always be a highlight. 

Now I can officially say goodbye to 2017! And 2018? I'm ready for you! 

Thank you for reading my blog and hope you all have a Happy New Year!

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  1. We did so many fun things in 2017! I'm glad we were able to go on a road trip (per usual) and make so many memories in NYC and outside of it :D


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