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I can't believe it's been 4 months since I've done one of these posts! Granted, I've been sharing my summer adventures pretty regularly but it was fun to go through my phone and pick out random pictures I had taken recently.

In addition to my list of ice cream places I want to go to, I also have a list of NYC indie bookstores I want to visit. Argosy focuses on rare and old editions, which I loved. They have a copy of Anne of Green Gables that's worth $22K! (I asked to see it but unfortunately, I wasn't allowed.)
Alexa and I checked out the Women Artists in Fantasy & Science Fiction exhibit at the Society of Illustrators Museum. It was a fantasy lover's dream. We loved all the art! Some of my favorites include this Beauty and the Beast one by Kinuko Y. Craft ... 
and these illustrations by Tran Nguyen (left) and Julie Bell (right).
I recently started contributing to Books on the Subway! I love the concept and it's a great way to pass along books (and clear my shelves!). Then last weekend, I had a family lunch at Joe's Crab Shack with my parents, cousins, aunt and uncle. We tend to eat in after church on Sundays and it was nice to go out for a change. 
Alexa and I recently saw An American in Paris and it was amazing! I wasn't sure what I expected but I loved the story. Plus the heroine of the story is a ballerina so it was a perfect blend of dance, music and feeling invested in the characters. The final Broadway performance is early October so definitely watch it if you can. 


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What have you all been up to lately?

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  1. I love that I'm involved in majority of these activities. Just saying ;)


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