Bridal shower!

I've known one of my best friends for 26 years (crazy, right?!) and I get to be her Maid of Honor (her college BFF is her Matron of Honor). Yesterday was the bridal shower and about halfway through it, I had this realization – I love this. I mean, I'll be honest. I will sometimes complain about all there is to do. My personality demands that things go exactly as I plan it. And I won't deny there's a feeling of relief when it's all over. But seeing the joy on my friend's face made every second of it worth it. Plus I just had a lot of fun myself! The venue was perfect. It was just the right size so it felt intimate but not cramped, our pink and girly decor fit well with the room and everyone was super into the whole party. Whether it was playing the toilet paper wedding dress game or opening presents while doing bridal bingo, the whole party was filled with lots of conversation and laughter. I couldn't be happier about how it all turned out. 

This is my second time throwing a shower and one of the girls who had attended the one I threw a couple years ago said I was like a pro. Maybe I missed my calling? ;) 

Here are the photos from the shower: 

Close up of the dessert table - one of the bridesmaids did all the treats!
manicure themed favors, piggy bank of advice and wine bottle "guestbook"
(Thank you Pinterest for giving me these ideas!)
table cards written by the co-Maid of Honor. I love her calligraphy!
the center centerpiece ...
... with a mason jar of roses on either side
the bridesmaids (and set up crew, hah!)
the bride is here!
with Mary Ann • with Mary Ann and the co-Maid of Honor
with Carina (I love our selfies) • just a handful of the many guests who arrived for the shower


Have any of you guys planned bridal showers before?


  1. What a pretty event. I love those table cards! I wish I could do calligraphy.

  2. Ah, the bridal shower looks like it was incredible! I adore the color scheme, as well as that piggybank of advice idea (which is brilliant and is something I am totally going to wind up stealing for a future bridal shower, I'm sure). You guys did good <3


with love,