#SeeSummerBetter with Warby Parker

Jennings whiskey tortoise
When the brand team at Warby Parker reached out to ask if I’d be interested in participating in their #SeeSummerBetter campaign, I had to say yes! It’s all about capturing everything we’re seeing, doing and experiencing this summer which means taking lots of pictures. (You all know how much I love that.)

I did their Home Try On Program for the first time which let me pick out five pairs of sunglasses to use for my photoshoot. I thought the best way to show you what I’m experiencing this summer is by showing you my favorite NYC spots and things to do.

Grand Central
Batten in jet silver
Of the three major stations, Grand Central is by far my favorite. It’s an iconic station and I’m sure most people will recognize the detailed ceiling and the clock. Not to mention all the places to eat and even shop. At my old job, I loved being able to run across the street to quickly stop in the Apple Store or MAC or grab chocolate from Godiva on a bad day. (I used to work across the street.)

Books of Wonder
Percey in striped sassafras
This is my favorite bookstore in NYC and the one dearest to my heart. I’ve met friends and many authors here for the first time. It’s such a cute store with lots of great events and opportunities to meet authors you love. If you want to support a local indie bookstore, come check this place out. I’m here at least once a month!

Ice cream / gelato / soft serve
Ripley sunglasses in whiskey tortoise
If you follow my blog or Twitter, you know how much I love ice cream and that this summer, I’ve been all about trying new places around the city. I couldn’t do a post about summer and not include a picture of this. For ice cream, I highly recommend Van Leeuwen Ice Cream, Emack & Bolio's or Davey's Ice Cream. For gelato, Il Laboratorio del Gelato or L'arte del gelato. And for soft serve, I just tried Chloe’s Soft Serve Fruit Company and really liked it!

Dinner with friends
Preston in blue marblewood
This is an all year round thing but getting dinner with friends is one of my favorite things to do in NYC and there’s something even nicer about it during the summer. Yesterday, after a long day at work, I walked to Dos Caminos for a fun night of good conversation, good food (I meant to take a picture with the food but we ate pretty quickly!) and laughter.


So that's what I've been mostly doing this summer!
Spending it in NYC, seeing friends, reading books and eating lots of ice cream.
How's your summer going?

And thanks again Warby Parker!


  1. This was a really fun post, Rachel! And now I want to know -- which pair was your favorite?!

  2. I second Hannah's question -- which pair of sunglasses wound up being your favorite?!

    Anyway, I love all the activities/spots you've shared. They're all important landmarks to me in their own way, and I'm actually quite pleased to note that we've been on so many adventures involving all these things and places together ;)

  3. This was such a fun post and gave me some new places to check out. I really love the idea of Warby Parker. It'll be a while before I need new glasses but I think I might try them for my next pair since it sounds like maaaybe they will actually be cheaper than my current $340 pair.


with love,