Books in Real Life, Episode 6: Truthwitch

For this month's Books In Real Life we chose... Truthwitch by Susan Dennard! It's no secret that Alexa and I are huge fans of Susan Dennard and we are totally in love with her upcoming fantasy series, Truthwitch! It doesn't come out until January 2016 but we were lucky enough to read it early and couldn't contain our excitement. We've been wanting use one of her books for some time now and for Truthwitch, I had this sudden idea – let's go see a lighthouse!

For the two main heroines and Threadsisters, Safi and Iseult, a lighthouse holds special significance. It's their meeting place when everything is falling apart and mentioned a few times throughout the book. The North Point Lighthouse at Roosevelt Island immediately came to mind and we made the trek over there a few weeks ago. 

I had never been to Roosevelt Island but it's been on my personal NYC to-do list for a while so I was doubly excited for this. We had to take the tram over (another first!) and seriously, if this was all I needed to take to work? I'd be complaining a lot less about my commute. It's a short ride with a beautiful view.

Roosevelt Island has such a peaceful, suburban-like atmosphere with gorgeous views of NYC from almost all sides. I'm pretty sure the apartments are ridiculously expensive but I would love to live here.

When we were researching the North Point Lighthouse, it seemed like the entire island could be walked in twenty minutes or so. Now either those websites were lying or we just walk really slow (or both!), but it was definitely a TREK. Enough for me to leave the island with almost-sunburned shoulders! But we walked along the water and got to see a lot of the island.

Eventually, we reached out destination though ... Hello North Point Lighthouse!

It was worth all the walking to see this!


Survey time! At the end of every Books In Real Life post, we are going to answer a few questions: 

Anything you wish you'd known beforehand? I wish we had known about the free shuttle bus on the island sooner (we figured it out after we saw the lighthouse) and I wish we had known about Freedom Park so we could've visited. 

What was your favorite part? The tram and seeing the lighthouse.  

Would we do it again? Definitely! Especially because I want to see Freedom Park and ride the tram again. 

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  1. This is definitely one of the most fun experiences we've had for Books in Real Life! It was casual, simple and so easy to do - and the weather (and company, obviously) was perfection. I'm so glad you came up with this idea, and that we got a chance to do it so soon!


with love,