What's In My Bag | Kelly from Belle of the Literati

Today, we're getting a peek into Kelly's (from Belle of the Literati) bag!

I tend to keep my bags pretty sparse and only carrying the necessities. The irony of this is that I LOVE big bags. What other people would consider carry-on luggage, is an everyday purse for me. The one I’m using right now is Jessica Simpson and I got it for my birthday from my mom. The only things not pictured are my cell phone—duh I had to take the picture & my iPod because it was currently plugged in in my car, my bad. The rest?…

Coach Wallet — I’m a fan of neutral colors when it comes to accessories. I wanted a wallet that went with everything and this pale pink hits the spot. I’ve had it a few years and could honestly be due for an upgrade but it’s perfect for me with lots of rooms for cards because I NEED my license, credit card, debit card, LIBRARY card, Starbucks card and, of course, the Target card. I also keep prayer cards inside my wallet so it has to come with me everywhere.

Chapstick — Y’all. I would rather leave the house without my cell phone than my lip balm. No. Freaking. Joke. My favorites are Burt’s Bees and Maybelline Baby Lips in Peach Kiss. These are my FAVORITE of all time because the BB is perfect to soothe dry lips but the BL has the perfect nude and sheen tint. *muah*

Book — Never do I also leave home without a book. You never know where you will be and when you’ll have to wait so I also carry my current read or Kindle with me. When Rachel asked me to do this I happen to be reading (THE AMAZING) Sugar Daddy by Lisa Kleypas. Also a bonus that cover is super pretty and colorful. Win-win. 

Maybooks/Planner — I have two Maybooks I take with me everywhere. My ‘Kelly’ calendar/planner and my blog planner. These are self-explanatory. 

‘I Have To Warn You I Saw What I Think’ Zip Pouch — I got this from Alexa for my birthday and it has come in SO handy. I keep my car key fob in there and all my colored pens to write in my two planners. There’s also an emergency chapstick in there. (I told you, I can’t be left without it!)

Bath and Body Works Hand Sanitizer — I’m a nurse. There’s germs everywhere. This is a need, not a want.

Bath and Body Works Lotion in Twilight Woods — I loooooove this scent! I tend to have dry hands a lot (probably from washing my hands and sanitizing-lol!) and this lotion just smells delicious! 

Small Pill Tupperware — I’m prone to headaches and migraines so I also never go anywhere with my little pill container. Excedrin and Ibuprofen are my friends and there’s also some Midol in there as well. (Overshare?)

Thanks for asking me to share my love of purses…and all it’s contents, Rach! :)

What book (and other cute things) are in YOUR bag right now?


  1. I also LOVE Twilight Woods scent!! And those May planners are so pretty... I need to get one! Oh and that zippered pouch is so me! I am always saying inappropriate things :)

  2. I completely understand - the past two days, I've left home without lip balm (because I got a new bag) and I almost DIED.
    Rosie // Rosie Reads

  3. Burt's Bees are my favorite too although now I'm using EOS. I couldn't help myself - the different colors and flavors were too cute to pass up!

    Your planners are gorgeous! Where'd you get them?

    Also, your wallet reminded me that I should buy a new one. Sadly, after three years of faithful service, my Mango wallet passed away two weeks ago - aka the coin pouch thingy ripped and now there's a gaping hole whenever I open it.

  4. I should emulate you and carry less things in my gigantic bags, Kel! I feel like the bag I carry regularly is so heavy, but when there's so much space, I like filling it up ;) I'm so, so happy you're getting some use out of the pouch! And obviously, I applaud the reading choice. Just saying ;)


with love,