What's in My Bag?

It has been too long since I last did a "What's in my Bag?" post! But I added this new beauty to my bag collection and haven't wasted any time using it so I really wanted to share my thoughts.

The Bag

Chanel Medium Classic Flap | In February, I finally got the bag of my dreams after wanting it for way over a decade. It's black, caviar leather with gold hardware and this picture doesn't even begin to do it justice. It's the most beautiful bag! I'm just under 5 ft and I've heard some fellow petite women say that the small is a better size but I disagree. I think the medium is also perfect for petites. It can be worn over the shoulder or crossbody and carries more than I expected it to (although, it unfortunately won't fit my iPad mini or a book; unless you literally just carry a small mass paperback with a card holder and keys). I've been using it SO much but I'll admit, I still feel a bit shy wearing it to work (also I always carry a backpack to work now and it ruins the vibe, lol).  

The Necessities

Samorga Organizer | These are probably the most popular organizers for luxury designer bags and with good reason. They are admittedly price but I honestly think it's worth it. Each organizer comes in different widths/thickness and I went for the thinner one since I'm using them more as a liner to protect the inside rather than an organizer. They're super well made!

Chanel Classic Zipped Coin Purse | Even though I have card holders and other wallets I use occasionally, I always go back to this one. 

Celine C Charm Small Pouch Quilted Leather | I use this small pouch to carry around cash, coupons, receipts, etc. 

Hand sanitizer + Micron pen |
I prefer Bath & Body Works' hand sanitizer spray and I prefer my trusty Pilot G2 .07 pen but this size sanitizer fits better and a pen with a secure cap seems safer for this bag. 

Lipstick case from Joy in Bag | This comes in handy for smaller bags because I typically carry a little pouch for things like this, which I obviously can't do here. So I use this felt case to hold my lip balm, lipstick, and a mini-sized concealer which are my three must haves. 

Vaccine card holder | I'm still carrying mine around out of habit. Plus the case is cute!

Louis Vuitton 6 Key Holder in Monogram | I love how this looks. But I'll admit, at first it was annoying that I had to remember to grab this AND my car keys (since they're separate). It was a hard habit to break but ultimately I prefer it since I basically don't drive my car Monday-Friday and I definitely don't need my car keys when I commute into the city. 

Hope you enjoyed seeing what's in my bag! 
What are some of your necessities?

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For the newbies: From 2013-2017, I had a BookBags feature where I paired books with bags and in the middle of that, I introduced What's in my Bag as a subset of that feature where I shared what's in my bag and invited other bloggers to guest post too. I decided to bring the feature back in 2019!


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