Flights of Fantasy: Reading Challenge 2015

Alexa and I are teaming up to do a reading challenge for 2015! If this seems sudden, that's because.. it is. Like the many things we organize, it all comes together quickly and randomly. A couple months ago I had made an off-handed comment about how we should organize one but I didn't know what. Then on Monday she texted me with the fantasy reading challenge idea and literally a few hours later, we had the guidelines, graphics and the introductory post set. What can I say? Once we get the ball rolling, it's hard for us to stop!

And with that said, we are very excited to host this Flights of Fantasy challenge! We both share a deep love of fantasy books and it's one of the first things we bonded over when we became friends. Personally, it's a genre I started loving as a kid and probably love twice as much now. Even though I appreciate all kinds of stories, nothing quite sweeps me away like a good fantasy book.  We are keeping this challenge super simple so we hope all you fantasy veterans and newbies alike will join us!

  • The challenge will run from January 1-December 31, 2015
  • We’re welcoming all readers to join us in this challenge! In order to sign up, readers must link to their blogs or Goodreads profile in the Linky provided below. We need to see where you’ll be sharing your reviews of the fantasies you’ll read!
  • You can read as many fantasy novels as you like. No levels for this challenge! 
  • We're going to host 2 giveaways, one at 6 months and one at the end of the year. More details when it's closer to those dates.
  • Please help us spread the word! Feel free to tweet about the challenge using the hashtag #flightsoffantasy, or to grab the button and link to the challenge on your blog.
  • Challenge yourself to read a certain # of fantasy books and share this number on your blog, in the comments below or a tweet. 
  • On the last Sunday of each month, we'll be posting updates on how we're doing with the challenge and we'll include a Linky in case you decide to do the same. (This is optional!) 
  • As mentioned, we will have giveaways! And if you want bonus entries into said giveaways, read any (or all!) of our favorite fantasy books listed below:
    • JOINT FAVES: Throne of Glass, Harry Potter, Fire and Thorns, Snow Like Ashes, The Queen of the Tearling
    • ALEXA’S FAVES: Eona duology, Daughter of the Forest, The Elemental Trilogy, The Hobbit, Song of the Lioness quartet
    • RACHEL'S FAVES: The Grisha Trilogy, Harper Hall Trilogy, The Fever series, The Winner’s Curse, Graceling
And that's it! 

If you have a blog, here's a button you can include in the sidebar and we hope to see your name in the Linky below!

In case you were wondering, I'm challenging myself to read 20-25 fantasies!


  1. This looks amazing. Can't wait to start off this year. So many amazing challenges. I'm participating in your challenge and crossing over with another one and will read 6 YA Fantasy books. (I may read more) Thanks so much and have a Happy New Year!
    Helena @Book Nerd Addicts

  2. Just signed up! This will be lost of fun! Thanks for hosting :D

  3. This challenge is also listed on which makes it easy to update your progress. I actually found it there first :>)

    It even gives you a cool way of showing off your progress. They give you a snippet of code which I added just under the red challenge button (but inside the same widget/page element.)

    You can see it here in the right sidebar:

    Atleast I think it's cool, lol.


with love,