Five Things.

I'm trying something new today! Don't worry, Rachel & Carina's Infinite Playlist is still alive & kicking, it's just been harder lately to have it ready every week. So on the days when we can't provide you with some tunes, I'm going to do a Five Things post. I got the idea from two of the non-book blogs I follow (shocking right?): Brown-Eyed BakerCashmere & Cupcakes and a few others I can't remember anymore. (Sidenote: I'm pretty sure this is a meme but in case it isn't, I just wanted to give credit to my inspiration!)

I'll share with you five things from my past week. Could be pictures or stuff that's been on my mind. I'll probably always share at least one song. I think it'll be a fun!

1. New dining chairs!

I finally got started on my dining area project! It's the last spot in my apartment that I haven't really fixed up since moving in, aside from changing the centerpiece. But I just hung up some art work, bought a new table and this past Monday, I picked up two teal chairs from Crate & Barrel that I LOVE. I'm just waiting on one more thing and then I'll be able to post the finished product. I'm excited!

Although I am debating about the centerpiece again so if you any ideas, send them my way!
2. Re-read How To Love

On Sunday, I did something I haven't really done in forever - I re-read a book! I don't know why but I just kept thinking about how much I wanted to re-read this so I finally made the time to do it. And wow, I still love it so much. The heartbreak, the fighting and the flawed characters are so intense and real. I was still re-reading scenes again on Monday and I've been listening to the author playlist non-stop. What can I say? I'm a little obsessed.
3. Chicken & Waffles

You guys, this seriously might be my new favorite thing. I tried this combo for the first time on Wednesday and it's delicious! Or maybe the place we went was just really good. Either way, if you're in NYC, check out Sweet Chick. Good food, cute atmosphere, waffles. I even followed them on Instagram so I could drool over their food some more.
4. Friends

Friendship has been on my mind a lot lately. Making time to see friends, who's consistently there for me (and not just for the big things but the little things too), being in someone's confidence (or vice-versa), necessarily stepping back from people. There's just a lot I find myself dwelling on and I'm trying not to.

Also, I'm using the picture on the left because it's super cute and we just hung out on Wednesday. Not trying to send a message! ;)

Now for the song ...

5. "Don't Give Up On Me" by Solomon Burke
This isn't the typical kind of song I share but you know how I mentioned my How to Love fixation this week? In the book they bring up the singer Solomon Burke so I decided to check him out on Spotify. This was the second song I listened to and I was immediately drawn into the lyrics and his soulful voice. I'm pretty in love with it at the moment. 

So that's my week!
What's been on your mind?


  1. Love this post, Rachel! Those chairs are looking super classy. :D And I love how you just spontaneously re-read HOW TO LOVE. I really did enjoy that book too, I need to remember to re-read favorites of mine too. And it's good that you have friendship on your mind. Sometimes life gets so busy, you start taking your friends for granted. And that picture is super cute! Thanks for sharing your past week. :)

  2. Fun new feature, R! I love those teal chairs (as you know) and am completely inspired by the way you've amazingly put your apartment together. Seriously, I will be taking advice from you when/if we move next year! Also, you know that I think friendship is an important relationship, and one that is a two-way street. I'm personally glad to call you a real, true friend! <3

  3. Love this post!! I can't wait to see the final product of your apartment. I've been stalking the progress on Instagram. And Sweet Chicks is SOO good.


with love,