SS&D Surprise Party! A Day In Egypt

Alexa of Alexa Loves Book and I have organized a full week of posts to celebrate the release of Strange and Ever After, the third and final book in Susan Dennard's amazing series. Hope you'll join us!

In Something Strange & Deadly, the stage was set in Philadelphia. In A Darkness Strange & Lovely, our beloved characters found themselves in Paris. And for Strange & Ever After, they head to Egypt for the final part of their journey. Last year when we held our celebration, I was in charge of Paris - a city I'm somewhat familiar with since I've been there once before. I had so much fun planning that day that I knew I wanted to do it again for our surprise party. But I've never been to Egypt so planning a modern day date for Eleanor and Daniel in Cairo, Egypt was a challenge! (But a good one!)  

In Cairo, food carts and holes-in-the-wall type of joints are everywhere you go. It's budget-friendly and a great way to taste authentic Egyptian food. Their staples are bread and dishes like full (boiled and mashed with tomatoes, onions and spices served with a chopped boiled egg for breakfast), fiteer (cross between pizza and pancakes), falafels and shawarma (slices of marinated lamb - also one of my faves!). Rather than stopping by a restaurant for breakfast and lunch, I imagine Daniel and Eleanor grabbing food from any one of these carts and eating as they travel between the different sites.   

After picking up breakfast, they'd go to the Giza Plateau first. It's right on the outskirts of Cairo and one of the most famous landmarks in Egypt. But it's most well-known for the Giza Necropolis, which is where the Great Pyramids and the Great Sphinx can be found. 

From the Giza Plateau, they'd head over to The Egyptian Museum which "contains the world's most extensive collection of pharaonic antiquities" and given Eleanor & Daniel's inquisitive natures, this would be on their list of places to visit. There are thousands of artifacts and while a couple hours would not cover the entire museum, they'd easily spend a couple hours roaming around. 

The Soor Al Azbakeya, also known as the oldest bookseller's market in Cairo, sounds like Eleanor's kind of place. (Probably Daniel's too if they have anything about inventions or engineering.) After buying a few books they would go out for a memorable dinner at..

The Cairo Tower, which is the purple tower pictured above. It's a famous landmark and the tallest building in Cairo. And at the top is a revolving restaurant plus outdoor public viewing deck! I can't think of a better way to spend the night with good food, an amazing view of Cairo and of course, the good company!

That's how I think Eleanor & Daniel would spend their day in Cairo, Egypt!
Now, head over to Alexa's blog to see what all the characters would wear in Egypt.


  1. I love this! I love the sights you've featured, and of course the bookseller's market sounds amazing as well. This sounds like a wonderful day for those two!

  2. Annnnd now I want to go to Cairo! Oh...and read this series! Great post, thanks for sharing.

  3. Ultimately, this post just makes me want to go to Egypt. I mean, I've always wanted to go for like FOREVER. But seriously, seeing that food? That bookseller's market? I just need to make it there. ONE DAY SOMEDAY. But yes, this date totally suits Daniel & Eleanor!


with love,