SS&D Celebration: A Day in Paris

In case you didn't already know, we are huge fans of the Something Strange and Deadly series and the author, Susan Dennard. We read the first book together, texting each other along the way (gushing most of the time!) and as you can imagine, we're very excited about the release of the sequel, A Darkness Strange & Lovely. One day, the idea to do a three-day celebration in honor of its release came pretty naturally and here we are! We're kicking it off today and have some surprises in store for you tomorrow. So please join us in our love for this amazing series (and Daniel Sheridan)!

When Alexa and I talked about planning "A Day with Eleanor & Daniel" - she immediately knew I'd want to do Paris, which is where A Darkness Strange & Lovely takes place. Little fact about me: I am a bit obsessed with this city. Even before I ever visited, I saw Paris as this far off, magical place. So when I got the chance to vacation there a couple years ago, my love for the city of lights increased about tenfold. The day I have planned for Eleanor & Daniel reflects what I think they would do in modern-day Paris, while dressed comfortably and cute. (D seems like he'd be a Converse kind of guy, right?) But there's definitely a bit of my influence in there too. Luckily Eleanor and I share a mutual love of croissants and Shakespeare! 

First stop would be the Du Pain et Des Idées boulangerie (translation: Bread & Ideas Bakery). True story: after I visited Paris, I couldn't eat croissants here for months because it just paled in comparison. But E & D wouldn't stop here to eat. They'd buy all their pastries and make their way towards..

The River Seine. They'd sit along the water, happily eating their chocolate croissants and talking about life.

Their next stop would be: The Shakespeare & Company bookstore. When I visited Paris, this was at the top of my "places to visit" list and I think Eleanor would agree. 

Now would be a good time for a semi-late lunch at Septime, one of the best restaurants in Paris. It's known for its amazing food, casual atmosphere and cozy but modern decor. I can totally picture E & D enjoying a three (or maybe five?) course meal here. 

And now, something special for Daniel. They'd definitely to go to the Musée des Arts et Métiers (translation: Museum of Arts & Inventions) so that he could get his geek on. This museum "houses one of the world's most outstanding collections of scientific and industrial instruments" and I bet Daniel (with Eleanor by his side, of course) could easily spend hours wandering around. 

Honestly, the Eiffel Tower is amazing no matter what angle or time of day you look at it. But my first view of the Eiffel Tower was lit up a night and sparkling. I didn't even know it did that! It was one of the most breathtaking sights I've ever seen. 

That's how I think Eleanor & Daniel would spend their day in Paris!
Now, head over to Alexa's blog to see what our favorite couple would do in Philadelphia.
And make sure to come back tomorrow for more celebrating (and a giveaway)!

(Photo Credits: Eleanor's outfit | Daniel's 1 2 | Bakery | Septime | Museum | Eiffel Tower)


  1. Sooo.... I kind of want to take this vacation. I'll admit that Paris isn't my go-to dream vacation, but no way I'd say no to it! Love this little feature you and Alexa have put together to celebrate the upcoming release! So excited about both! :)

  2. Oh my god, words cannot convey how much I love this. Everything is SO SPOT ON!!! From the boulangerie to the BOOKSTORE (SO PERFECT) to the museum (ALSO SO PERFECT) to the Eiffel Tower--jeezzzzzz, Rachel. This is amazing. Next time I'm in Paris, my husband and I are doing every single one of these stops, and I will force him to cosplay as Daniel (though his French accent might ruin that charade).

    This is cool. So cool.

  3. Even though I kind of knew what to expect in this post, I still think it's incredibly magical! I've not yet been to Paris, but it's definitely one of the places in the world that I want to visit someday. I'd probably take on all these suggestions to enjoy with whoever I'm with, as they sound HEAVENLY, particularly the croissants, the bookstore and the Eiffel Tower at night!

  4. I've enjoyed seeing these posts on this series. It's a series that I haven't started yet but the way that you and Alexa love it is pretty infectious and I love that!

  5. I loooove Susan Dennard's series and this post made me giddy. This day in Paris sounds amazing and now I desperately want to go back!

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