A Perfect Day in NYC

With Alexa going away at the end of the month, Estelle and I wanted to throw a little something for her and it kinda turned into this two-part celebration. And the first part was a day in the city with us!  We met up in NYC yesterday and it was just so much fun. We ate a lot of good food, walked around, talked for hours and sneaked in a little shopping too. It was exactly the sort of day we all needed. At least I know I desperately needed it. 

(1-2) We started off with brunch at Bakehouse Bistro & Bar which I highly recommend. We got a pastry basket to share and I ordered the lobster benedict which was delicious. The whole atmosphere of the bar was super nice and there was a view of the water. 
(3) Opening presents! (4) The three of us @ Bakehouse
(5-6) After brunch, we decided to just walk along the water before eventually sitting down on a bench to admire the view and talk (for I don't even know how long!). It was so relaxing and the pretty view was nice to have too. 
(7-8) Once we felt like we could move again, we headed over the Kate Spade Saturday pop-up store. We all love Kate Spade and I was excited that they were opening a store (albeit temporarily) for their new brand Saturday. I ended up buying yet another bag to add to my collection. 
(9) When the heat became a little too much, we stopped at the nearest cafe - Bus Stop Cafe - for iced coffee and ice cream. (10) To end our day, we headed down to the Financial District (I think?) to find this bar that serves alcoholic popsicles but they were closed (boo!). We settled for soda and fries from Shake Shack instead. (Not a bad Plan B at all!)

So that was our day in NYC! It's days like that 
that remind me of how much I love NYC. 
Hope you guys are enjoying your weekend so far!


  1. It was indeed the perfect day! I'm glad we were able to spend it doing such fun, casual, simple things together. It was just really good to have quality time with you + E, as always! xo

  2. Aw yay!!! So glad you guys had a fun time! Also that lobster Benedict looks yummo!


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