Rachel & Carina's Infinite Playlist (74)

In honor of our mutual love of The Fault In Our Stars and today's movie release,
we're picking our favorite songs from the soundtrack!

RACHEL • "Repeat Pleasure" by How to Dress Well
I can't remember if I've mentioned this before but one of my favorite things to do on Tuesday is open up Spotify and listen to all the new releases. Since I was traveling for work this week and had about a dozen other things on my mind, I didn't have time to do this. But yesterday while at the airport waiting, I finally had time! And this album (particularly this song) really stood out to me. Enjoy!

CARINA • "All Of The Stars" by Ed Sheeran (Cover by Mackenzie Johnson)
I've been loving all the songs on the TFIOS soundtrack, this being one of my favorites. Ed Sheeran has this great way of telling a story through his lyrics and this song is no exception. I can't help but replay scenes of the book in my head while listening. Though I know how the story ends, this song brings a mix of hope and optimism to Hazel and Gus' story. I especially love these lyrics:

"So open your eyes and see / The way our horizons meet / And all of the lights will lead / Into the night with me / And I know these scars will bleed / But both of our hearts believe / All of these stars will guide us home"

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  1. I absolutely LOVE the TFIOS soundtrack! I downloaded it as soon as it became available, and proceeded to listen to it over and over. While Ed Sheeran's All of the Stars is my favorite off the soundtrack, I also really love Not About Angels by Birdy.


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