Latest Read: Riding the Wave by Lorelie Brown

Riding the Wave (Pacific Blue #1) by Lorelie Brown
Publication date: July 1, 2014
Publisher: Signet
Category: Romance
Source: Received ARC in exchange for honest review (Thanks Estelle!)
Summary: With a make-or-break world championship on the line, professional surfer Tanner Wright has come back to the California hometown he left a decade ago, carrying only his board and the painful knowledge of his father’s infidelity. The last time Avalon Knox saw her best friend’s brother, she was fourteen and he was a twenty-year-old surfer god. She’s never understood the way Tanner distanced himself from the family that has embraced her. But now she has the professional chance of a lifetime: to photograph Tanner for the competition. Out on the waves, they find in each other an irresistible passion. As the competition heats up, secrets get spilled, and lust takes over. How close can Avalon get to this brooding surfer…without getting burned? (Adapted

I wanted to do something fun with this review so I kept my thoughts short & sweet (and hopefully it will convince you to read this!) but then keep scrolling ...

My Review
Riding the Wave was exactly the kind of book I needed to disappear into for a couple hours. I mean — California, the beach and a hot romance? Sign me up! Tanner Wright has returned home for the first time in 10 years for a surfing championship. He stayed away because he was carrying the secret of his father’s infidelity and couldn’t face him, his mother or his sister while knowing the truth. But now that his father has passed away and this championship could be his last, he’s home and facing demons. Sort of. Actually the first person he sees is Avalon Knox who is his sister’s best friend and all grown-up. Avalon is a photographer and practically a part of the Wright family. And she’s also been harboring an attraction to Tanner since she was a teenager. When she’s assigned to photograph him for the competition, it gives them a chance to get to know each other and act on the attraction between them. 

My favorite part about Riding the Wave was obviously the relationship between Tanner and Avalon. I loved that they had a history, their banter, the chemistry (!!) and the push-and-pull between them. But the attraction between them is at odds with their professional and personal struggles. Winning the championship, being taken seriously as a photographer, figuring out what they want to do with their lives, family secrets. I like how each of these factors played a role in the story and in their relationship. Because they’re also wondering if they can make a relationship work. Or better yet, wondering if they can admit that they want a relationship. (They do and we all know it!)  And of course, they are doing all this wondering while having a ton of sexy times. It was just such a great romance that could’ve easily spiraled into too much, dragged out drama but it didn’t (seriously, props to the author for not going that route!). Instead it was fun, engaging, steamy and had just the right amount of drama to keep you turning the pages for more.

If this was a movie ...

Tanner Wright is supposed to be: tall, gorgeous, blonde, blue-eyed, and have an 8 pack. I don't know about you but that sounds like Chris Hemsworth to me. And the man can surf so if that's not a sign, I don't know what else is. 

Avalon Knox is described as having gray eyes and blonde hair and she can surf too. No one immediate came to mind but then I remembered Teresa Palmer, googled her name and I immediately thought she could be Avalon. Plus she's actually a pretty good actress. 

Then I just had to include this picture La Jolla beach in California. Because who doesn't love the sight of clear sunny skies and that beautiful ocean water? 

Hope you enjoyed my movie casting! 
(And review!)

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  1. Can I just take a moment to appreciate you casting CHRIS HEMSWORTH as Tanner? Because that's perfect casting if I ever saw it. Just saying. Ahem, I really liked Riding the Wave! It was fun, it was steamy and it was the first novel with surfing in it that I wound up actually enjoying ;)


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