Young the Giant Concert!

Happy Monday! I don't know about you but my weekend flew by. I helped throw a surprise party on Friday night for my cousin's girlfriend and then yesterday was spent doing my usual church / lunch with the family and mix of errands. But Saturday was spent with the best friends in New York. We went to a Young the Giant's concert that night (I'm still all !!! about it) and decided, why not spent the day in the city. We had this whole mini-itinerary which we ended up scrapping in favor of lots of eating, talking and roaming around the Strand. And you know me -- books, convo and food are three of my favorite things! We also explored Grand Central a bit because one of my BFFs had never been there before. (I still don't understand how this is possible.) It was just a really fun day. 

(1&2) We came to the Strand after getting brunch at Pershing Square Cafe and easily spent well over an hour just roaming around. I ended up picking up a tote bag and a copy of Nowhere But Home by Liza Palmer for myself. 
(3) City Bakery Cafe. I'm not a big fan of hot chocolate but their "happy" hot chocolate was AMAZING. Seriously go right now and order a cup, along with a chocolate chip cookie. Sure it's sugar coma inducing but man, is it worth it. 
(4) I never get tired of taking pictures of the Flatiron Building. It's just so picturesque.
(5&6) Carina suggested Rai Rai Ken for ramen and this might just be my new favorite ramen place in the city. It's so tasty and decently priced. 
(7) View of the empty stage at Hammerstein Ballroom (8) Oh hey, it's Young the Giant. 
(9) Us looking a teeny tiny bit tired. It was a long day and as we kept saying, we're too old for concerts that start at 10:15pm! (Seriously, what's wrong with starting at 9?)
(10) Another shot of YtG. They played all the songs I love and my favorite, I Got. They sound just as good live, if not better! 

That was my weekend, how was yours?

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  1. I'm still majorly jealous that you got to see Young the Giant! Your day out in NY looked like a lot of fun ;)


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