Rachel & Carina's Infinite Playlist (64)

RACHEL • "Bridges" by Broods
This was a song I actually had on repeat a few months ago but kinda forgot about. Their EP was just released recently though and since seeing the album on Spotify, I can't stop playing this song. Again.

If I didn't hide it / Would you still say you needed me?
Guess I walked right into it / Guess I made it too easy
If any word that you said could have made me forget
Would I get up off the floor / Cause this is all in my head
And we're burning all the bridges now / Watching it go up in flames
And then we'd build it up again

CARINA • Cover of "I Can't Remember to Forget You" By Shakira (ft. Rihanna)
This song has been stuck in my head for the past week so naturally I had to pick it for this week's playlist. I love the original version with Shakira and Rihanna but the vocal percussion in this cover got me. Enjoy!.

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  1. I Can't Remember To Forget You is seriously a catchy song. I've never heard this cover, but I like it! I also kind of like the Broods song; it's pretty different for me :)


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