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RACHEL • "Simple Love Song" by Anuhea
So it's just me today! Carina is super busy (wedding stuff!) and usually I'd just skip the week to wait but I really, really want to share this song. One of my friends saw Anuhea live and posted a short 12 second clip on Instagram and it was enough to make me look up the song immediately. I've probably played this song at least an hour per day since. Clearly I'm obsessed! It's hard to explain why I like it so much though. It's a simple song (hah) but I think that's the beauty of it. Just a girl and her ukulele, singing about why she loves her guy so much. It made me want to start playing my ukulele again, which I've sadly been neglecting. Once I figure out how to tune it (or get my cousin to do it for me), I am going to start practicing again.

Hope you love the song as much as I do -- Happy Friday!

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  1. Oh, this song is absolutely adorable! I love it. It's definitely going to be a song that gets stuck in my head.


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