Girls Just Want To Have Fun

This past weekend was Carina's bachelorette party. The matron-of-honor planned a night that consisted of drag queens, 80s clothes (and music) and of course, tons of alcohol!

(1) The college roomies! Lydia, Loren, Carina and I in our 80s clothes. We looked crazy but cute! 
(2) One of my other best friends, Mary Ann and I in the limo. I really like this picture of us!
(3-4) Us at LIPS, which is a drag queen show + dinner. The best part of the
show was the MC. She (or he?) had so much personality and really kept the energy up.
(5) The MC plus the three brides-to-be including Carina. She was a really good sport
about going on stage. I think I would have hidden under the table, hah.
(6) Carina at the Awesome 80s Prom (it's a interactive show/club - hard to describe!).
(7) Me - Carina - Carol at 80s prom. Carina insisted that I wear a crown on my head. 
(8) The next morning, Loren, Lydia and I went to IHOP to brunch. They added these new brioche french
toast specials to the menu and they are delicious!

So that was my rather interesting Saturday night. 
Hope you all had a good weekend!


  1. THAT LOOKS SO FUN!! I vote we do a book bloggers 80's prom night bc THAT looks fab!

  2. Looks like you ladies has a ton of fun. Ahh, I miss the party days, lol. I haven't been to a wedding in SO long!

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    Deity Island

  3. Your 80s outfits all look adorable! It seems like it was definitely an interesting time, plus starting the next day with brunch seems like such a great way to end your awesome weekend.


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