Rachel & Carina's Infinite Playlist (45)

RACHEL • "Wait for Me" by Kings of Leon
As soon as I heard that opening guitar riff, I thought to myself - yeah I already know I'm going to like this song. And I really, really did. It's bit mellow but still catchy and it feels like old school KoL. But what I noticed most about the song was that feeling of yearning in Caleb Followill's voice and in the lyrics. Wanting someone to wait for you and hold onto you even as you make mistakes and try to figure it all out.

CARINA • "A Real Hero" by College
Maybe it's because I heard this song from the movie, "Drive" or maybe because it's just a nice, relaxing song to listen to, but I've always played this song whenever I felt like having a nice, long drive. It just puts you in a calm, contemplative mood. After a busy and tiring (mentally and physically) week, I look forward to my long drives back home. This song will definitely be part of my driving playlist.

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  1. I'm loving that Kings of Leon song! Very much the type of music I'm enjoying listening to these days :)


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