Life lately, according to my iPhone

(1) When I got dinner with Michelle, she surprised me with this lovely edition
of Anne of Green Gables. I love the cover! It's how Anne is supposed to look (not this).
(2) Before Alexa left for the Philippines, a bunch of us bloggers got together
for dinner at LT Burger. Great food and shakes. 

(3) One of the meals I cooked recently: garlic chicken with black bean, corn, and
edamame salad with cilantro and lime dressing. (I'm currently obsessed with edamame).
(4) Reading Partials while sitting outside the Flatiron building. One of my favorite spots.

(5-6) One of my best friends is always lazy to get dinner in the city after work but this week, she suggested we go out. So I took her Caracas Arepa Bar. We ate so much we could be barely walk afterwards!

(7) The coconut tres leches dessert from the arepa bar. Best tres leches ever.
(8) I was my parents' house on Saturday and I decided to go through some
stuff I had left in my bedroom. I found a stack of photos and this was at the top. I
really love this photo of us. 

I've had two low-key weekends in row that consisted of seeing my best friends, spending a little time with fam, doing apartment and reading. It's felt really good. I hope this week is just as relaxing!


  1. Isn't edamame fabulous? I love eating it as a side, on a salad, as a snack... anytime! Haven't ever made anything with it... must try it sometime! Also I love that cover of Anne of Green Gables... totally cute and yes! Exactly how she's supposed to look! :)

  2. You're turning into a serious cook in front of my eyes! I really need to start practicing, particularly as I'll have my own little household to manage soon. Also - I miss our dinner dates! :D


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