Rachel & Carina's Infinite Playlist (38)

RACHEL • "Oh Maker" by Janelle Monáe
My cousins and I went out to get lunch after church last Sunday and while we were driving, this song came on in his car and it immediately caught my attention. It's mellow but catchy and shows off Janelle Monáe's great voice. She's so underrated even though she's starting to get a little bigger now. I've seen her live (she opened up for the No Doubt / Paramore Tour and was a part of Lilith Fair - I attended both!) and she is amazing. But anyways, the part of the song that always stands to me is when she sings:

"But you loved me / And I really dared to love you too / Perhaps what I mean to say is / Is that it's amazing that your love was mine." 

Carina • "The Shore" by Basia Bulat
I told someone once that I like running to slow music and "The Shore" is one of the main songs I listened to while running. I tend to daydream a lot to slow songs and I found that it was easier to tolerate running when my mind wasn't focused on the act of running. I hate running. I really do. Why, you ask? Well, this entry is about music and NOT running so I'm not going to explain it here. But if you're curious to know, message me and I'll tell you an insanely boring story about it.

Back to the song.. I love Basia's voice and this song puts me in a calm mood. I need it for today because today was stressful and when days get stressful, I turn to my repeat playlist, close my eyes and daydream. Basia has this wonderfully raspy/soulful voice and I love the use of the autoharp in this song. I read once that this song was about acquiescing to love. I love, love songs so naturally, I fell in love with this one..

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  1. I like the Janelle Monae song quite a lot! I think I should listen to more of her music, as I actually really haven't heard anything but her collaborations.


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