Living on my own (& loving it!)

It's been a month since I moved out and so far, it's been everything I hoped it would be plus a lot of things I'm learning along the way (like cooking!). I love it though. Even when it's been a long day and my first attempt at making dinner alone was completely inedible and I couldn't even make ramen because I didn't have a tiny saucepan (true story), I was still happy to be in my own place. And I'm learning things about myself too. 

Like I thought the silence would bother me since I'm used to living in a full house but it's actually kind of peaceful. Washing the dishes, cleaning the bathroom, kitchen and Swiffer-ing the heck out of my floors - I'm totally okay with it. I even make my bed every morning! But cooking is still difficult for me unless I have a recipe to follow and when it comes to laundry, don't even get me started. So, so lazy when it comes to that! But I'm figuring it all out and settling into a routine of my own. 

Then I'm still fixing things around the apartment but I've been taking my time. I'm glad I started off with the essentials and didn't go crazy with the shopping. Even though it was really tempting to. Whenever I have a free day, I've been stopping by IKEA, HomeGoods, Crate & Barrel, Target or West Elm. Plus sites like Joss & Main and One Kings Lane have a lot of great stuff too. But the longer I'm living here, the more I have a better sense of how I want the apartment to look. And I think it's coming together pretty nicely.

Here are some of my favorite (mostly finished) spots around the apartment: 

{ Time to eat! }  My little dining area! I love my dining table. It's small but still fits four people since the chairs are shaped to the corners. 

{ Living room } The couch is super comfy and I added a couple pillows to brighten it up. Then the rug I took a chance with and ordered online. Luckily it looks really nice (I love it!). And in the corner, I have my ottoman for when I want to eat breakfast or drink coffee while looking out the window.

{ Book Nook }  On my first night at the apartment, I immediately organized my books. I like sitting at my desk and being able to admire my growing collection. 

{ Getting ready! } The dresser I brought from home and then I added the mirror, hooks from Anthropologie to hang my necklaces, headbands and hair ties. 
Plus other little various cases for the rest of my jewelry and makeup. 

So that's where I'm at so far! But it's getting more and more homey with each passing day.
What do you guys think? Any suggestions (or recipes!) you'd like to share? :)


  1. Your new apartment is adorable! I definitely know how exciting it is to be on your own. I had my own studio apartment in college and I LOVED IT. Then Tony and I moved back home which sucked, but this week we are looking at apartments and omg I am so excited. ALSO, this post excites me a lot because I see how you decorated and am like THAT LOOKS SO CUTE cannot wait til I have my own place to decorate.

  2. So exciting...your apartment is so cute! I love your Book Nook!

  3. I love it! I'm still a couple years away from moving into my own apartment, but I'm constantly dreaming about how it'll look and how nice it will feel to be independent.

  4. I remember fearing the silence too, but I actually found it so relaxing, especially after a hectic day! And cleaning up after yourself is so much more therapeutic than when it's after other people! Haha

    Your apartment is adorable!

    And the best recipes are on Pinterest! I get everything off there :)

  5. Your place is looking great! Glad you're enjoying it. When you have your own place, you can't help but want to keep everything neat and clean :) I just discovered and also recommend and HGTV magazine for home stuff. As for recipes, I like pinterest as well, but really rely on because I like seeing the ratings and other users' tips.

  6. I'll admit... silence is my favorite part of living alone! Which sounds weird, I know. But sometimes I just crave it, so home is definitely where I go to find it! You've done a great job so far decorating and I'm totally envious of your ability to make your bed every morning. Mine only gets made on sheet washing day! As for recipes... when I first moved out on my own I bought this little cooking for one cookbook called "The Working Stiff Cookbook." It's got some GREAT go-to recipes for 1 or 2 that can easily be made for more people (if you have guests over to eat at your cute dining room table!). It's rough learning to cook for one... believe me, I know! :)

  7. It looks fantastic! I can't wait to pop in for a visit so that I can admire EVERYTHING in person. I'm especially a big fan of your living room (hello, gorgeous rug!) and the book nook/desk (which is somewhat similar to what I'd like to do with mine when I have my own space). I'm so glad that you're enjoying this time you have living on your own -- it's a different sort of experience, for sure!


with love,