Rachel & Carina's Infinite Playlist (36)

RACHEL • "VCR" by The xx
The first thing I do when I get on the bus in the morning - after I've checked email, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram (of course!) - is fall asleep while listening to music. And this week I've been napping to The xx. There's something so chill and calming about their sound that completely relaxes me. And my favorite song off their album is VCR. The line that always gets me when I hear it is this one: "But you, you just know, you just do." It probably seems really cryptic out of context but when I hear it, it makes me think knowing and trusting how you feel even when it may seem crazy or wrong or silly.

CARINA • "Sweet Ballad" by Munchausen By Proxy (f/ Zooey Deschanel & Von Iva)
I was looking through my old iTunes playlists and came across this lovely song that I've completely forgotten about. Thanks, Curiosity, for putting a smile on my face because this song makes me laugh. Listen to the lyrics and watch the video. You'll see what I mean (or maybe I just have a weird sense of humor).

"You can call me at 10:59 but don't call at 11 cuz that's my rule now."

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  1. I've never listened to the XX before now, but this song is lovely. You can be sure that I'm going to check them out now!


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