A wedding and other fun things

Kara's Wedding

Kara and I have been friends since we were freshmen in high school and since graduating, we'd keep touch, drift away as our lives got busy again, reconnect and repeat. But the best thing about our friendship is that we can go weeks, months or even years without speaking and pick up right where we left off. I'm so glad that through it all we're still friends and I got to attend her wedding this past weekend. I brought one of my best friends Mary Ann (we all went to high school together) as my date and it was so much fun! The three of us haven't hung out together since college (only Kara and I kept in touch) and I've definitely missed it. At one point during the reception, Mary Ann leaned over and asked me -- when we all met our freshmen year, did you ever think we'd be attending each other's weddings like this? I just laughed in agreement but you know, even though I did think it (or least hoped).. it's different to actually be 29 years old and sitting in the reception for a friend you've known since you were 14. It's pretty amazing. 

The wedding itself was gorgeous. Personal, filled with lots of love, laughter and crying. And dancing! I can't remember the last time I really danced with friends. I tend to sit at weddings but then one of my favorite song ever came on (September by Earth, Wind and Fire if you must know) and we went straight to the dance floor. I really enjoyed the whole evening. 

Here are some pictures from the night:

Here comes the gorgeous bride // her bouquet
One of the cherub statues in the castle (yes, they got married in castle!)  //  the BFF and I sneaking in a picture in our matching pink dresses.
The view from outside. Look at that sky!  //  With the bride! 
With the bride and groom  //  Cutting the cake! They're so cute together.

Other fun things that have happened!

Celebrating Loren's 30th birthday! // I MET LAUREN GRAHAM! (aka Lorelai Gilmore!), with Estelle and Alexa
Carina, Loren and I drove down to AC to celebrate our college roomie's birthday. I don't have any pics except of our snacks // Mother's Day! This is my aunt, grandma and mom.

Hope everyone had as great a weekend as I did!

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  1. PLEASE TELL ME YOU WERE LINE DANCING TO SEPTEMBER. Because there's just no other way to dance to that song!

    Also, the wedding looks beautiful! I'm going to be the first among my group of high school/elementary school friends to get married, so that's fun. I mean, we all knew it would happen, but still, it'll be so interesting when it finally does in September!


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