Life lately, according to my iPhone

(1) Mary Ann and I went to the Rebecca Minkoff sale in NYC - it was crazy but the bags were so worth it.  Thanks Carina for helping me make my final decision! (2) Hot chocolate.. doesn't it look delicious?

(3) Birthday breakfast at Raymond's for John. (4) Benaiah, hanging out in my backyard.

(5) Disposable's first gig! (6) Went out to lunch with coworkers & got the cheese marsala dosa (I don't think I'm a fan of Indian food).

And... TGIF everyone! 


  1. that bag is really cute! i have to see it in person! & congrats again to your cousins' first gig!

    1. thanks woman! i'll use it the next time we hang out haha. i've been using it every day for work since i got it!


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