weekend fun.

Let's see..
80s-themed zumba with Carina, Loren & Tida;
sitting in the mall's food court for hours eating and talking,
(I went on another rant about Fifty Shades);
Jersey Shore outlets with the cousins; 
Much-needed nap and organizing my book shelves;
finished Grave Mercy (review coming soon!);
The Avengers with Ate Jannique & Ate Jackie
(love dine-in theatres!)  

I gotta say, it was a pretty awesome weekend.  


  1. aw, that pic of us turned out pretty nice! can't believe we stayed talking in the mall way past closing! always fun times =) how did you like avengers? i still have yet to try a dine-in theater!

    1. i know! i really like the picture of us :) we need to take more.. preferably when we're not in gym clothes lol. and i enjoyed the avengers a lot! you def try a dine-in theater, it's a lot of fun!


with love,