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Here are some non-bookish articles I really liked this past month and my latest loves.

1 / I love friendship posts and I've got two very different ones to share. One is about the importance of work friends (which was sent to me by my closest work buddy!) and the other is sweetly titled, "Home is Where Your Best Friend Is" (cue the feels!). 

2 / I'm definitely a Selena Gomez fan and even more so after watching her documentary, My Mind and Me, on Apple TV+. If you haven't watched, I highly recommend it, regardless of whether or not you're a fan. She recently did an interview with Rolling Stone where she opens up even more about the documentary and her struggles with mental illness.  

3 / My favorite Doctor is Ten, aka David Tenant, but even after new actors took over the Doctor Who role, I kept watching. Until I got to Thirteen. Jodie Whittaker is a fantastic actress, who I first saw in Broadchurch, but I quit watching 6 episodes into her debut season. Then I saw this trending on Twitter: David Tennant Confirmed as 14th Doctor. To say that my mind was blown is an understatement. More details are in the article!

4 / Lauren Conrad posted her November Womenswear Collection and I see a bunch of things I want! For example, there's a pink sequin dress I'm in love with but I don't have an occasion to wear it to (yet!). 

5 / The Everygirl shared a post on the benefits of having hobbies and even though I'm pretty sure I've shared similar posts in the past, I think this is a topic worth bringing up again (and again) and reinforcing.

6 / I can't believe how early the Black Friday and even Cyber Monday sales are starting! Which is great for me but bad for my wallet 😂 Here's a round up of sales already happening and an Amazon-specific one, both from PopSugar.  

7 / As a User Experience (UX) designer, one of my pet peeves is encountering a peer who clearly hates getting feedback from anyone, even if it's thoughtful constructive criticism. This editorial by Jorge Arango articulates why (glad it's not just me who feels this way!) but in a nutshell: our job is literally to process and react to feedback. But I think this is great advice even if you're not a designer.


1 /
Over the weekend, I did a DIY dresser project where I covered the drawers on my 10+ year old dresser with adhesive wallpaper to make them pretty again. I got the wallpaper from Wallpops and I can't recommend them enough. They also have backsplash options which I purchased for my next project, the kitchen! 

2 / At my recent visit to a new dermatologist, she said the redness on my face is partially from broken capillaries, which can only be fixed with laser. But you know me, I did some research on serums that could at least help and I found the Odacité Ap + P Serum for Fragile Capillaries. While it's not a total fix, I am seeing a big difference since I started using it! My only complaint is that the bottle isn't even 1 full ounce, which is ridiculous, but it truly works for me so I'm sticking with it. 

3 / I needed to clear some space in my closet so I bought this beautiful coatrack with gold and marble details to put in my bedroom. I'm using it to hang blazers, sweater coatigans, vests, etc., and for stacking books on the marble base. It's been both a pretty AND effective addition to my bedroom!


Do you have any links or loves to share?
Would love to hear about them!

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  1. That pink sequin dress is super cute! And I'm totally going to check out backsplash options too- I want to revamp our kitchen before we fully redo it down the line!


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