Happy New Year!

A couple days ago one of my closest friends was telling me her resolutions for 2012 and how she had written them down because doing so motivated her more.  Then she asked me what mine were and without a second thought I said - I don't really believe in that.  She kept talking but my mind was focused on my response.  Is that really what I think?  And you know, I think it is.  The idea of keeping a list that says go to the gym, find a new job, eat healthier food and whatnot sounds good in theory (and I actually do want to do all those things!).  But I know me and I'll forget that list in a week.  Instead I'm going to do what I did last year.  Let the need to make this new year better and more exciting for myself drive my decisions.  It's what made me plan my Europe trip last year and hopefully that same need will motivate me again this year.  That something could be a new job (already got started on this!), move out or plan more vacations (I've been bitten by the travel bug for sure).  The point is, I just want every year to be filled with happiness, excitement and love and I'm the only person who can ensure those things.  So hopefully I make a lot of good decisions this year, take changes and even if there are some (inevitable) bumps in the road, I find the strength and patience to deal with them as they come.

Clearly, I've got high hopes for 2012! Happy New Year all!


with love,