can this vacation last a few weeks more? (please!)

Have I ever mentioned how much I love being on vacation? I can stay up until 2am reading a book without having to worry about work the next day.  I can wake up whenever I want (which is usually 9:30 am - I know, I'm crazy.)  I can wear pajamas all day long.  I don't have to turn on my computer (yes, my laptop has been off most of the time).  And best of all, I can spend an entire day with my cousins, the best friends, or anyone if I feel like it.

And I am trying to savor every moment!

Yesterday, Carina, Tida, Loren and I braved all the crazy tourists to spend a day in the city.  We had lunch at Joe's Shanghai (I definitely recommend the soup dumplings!).  Saw the tree at Rockefeller at Rockefeller Center (for a split second to take a picture and then we quickly escaped the crowds). Shopped at the Bryant Park holiday market.  Hung out at the park to get waffles from Wafels & Dinges and sit at the Southwest Porch.  Then ended the night with dinner at Schnipper's.


with love,