Latest Read: The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight

Here are the basics ...
BookThe Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight
Author: Jennifer E. Smith
Category: Young Adult

My thoughts ...
One sentence summary: Hadley Sullivan misses the flight to her father's second wedding by a mere four minutes but then she meets Oliver in the airport's cramped waiting area and their unexpected story plays out over a 24 hour period.  

The good:
It was an engaging story from start to finish. Even though I knew the book would take place over the course of 24 hours (with reminders of the time at the beginning of each chapter) - I still expected and wanted more when I reached the end.  The story itself is very straightforward but as the title implies, the characters feel so real and honest that they want to make you believe that their chance meeting could happen to you.  It seems so improbable but the author truly brings their surroundings and characters to life.  (Seriously - how come I wasn't seated next to a cute British boy on my way to London?) 

The bad:
It was too short! I know I should've expected as much but I still wanted more.  The story also does require a certain suspension of disbelief given all the chance encounters and twists of fate. But I think that's part of the appeal is that you want this to be real.   

Do I recommend?:  
I definitely recommend this book.  Especially if you're in the mood for a quick read that's both endearing and then surprisingly heartbreaking at other moments. 

Happy reading!

PS.  One of my goals is to read 100 books this year and this is book #1! (Follow me on Goodreads)


  1. Wow, reading 100 books is an ambitious goal. Or is it? I think you read way more than I do, so it's probably an attainable goal. Good luck... looking forward to reading all about the books you are reading. It might inspire me. :)

  2. I absolutely LOVE this book. I read it when I was on vacation, and totally swooned over Oliver <3


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