holiday dinner with the best friends

As the best friends and I were talking over dinner, we mentioned a lot of things that we "couldn't believe."  Like that it was already time for our holiday dinner, that we've been doing this for six years and that Christmas was next week.  The year kind of flew by and even though our schedules have been more different than ever, I feel like we also found more ways to make time for one another in spite of that.  It just keeps hitting me that we're 28 now.  We've all come a long way from that first computer science class our freshmen year and it's pretty amazing to still be us nearly 10 (!) years later.  If there's anything in my life that I'm thankful for (aside from family, of course).. it would be knowing the three of them.  

But enough with the mushy talk! The food at Meson Madrid was delicious - we were so stuffed by the end of the meal.  I think of all the restaurants we've chosen for our holiday dinners, this one might be my favorite.  It had a cozy atmosphere and no one tried to rush us, so we stayed pretty late.  Then we headed over to Carina's for what is always my favorite part of the night.  We kick off our shoes, go to her room, sit on the bed/floor/chairs, exchange presents and talk talk talk.  

[l-r] escargot + chorizo; lobster ravioli; mariscado; tiramisu

the besties looking pretty :)

our secret santa gift exchange


  1. aww, love it! we should head back there. the food was so good!

  2. You guys always make me believe in true friendship. I love to hear what you are up to, and I'm glad to see you had a fab time celebrating together! :)

  3. @reena - We should! I'm still thinking about that chorizo - yummm!

    @Estelle - Aww, thanks! :)


with love,