Reading Roundup | December 2022

pub 10/25/22 by St. Martin's Griffith • Contemporary Literary Fiction • Received from pub for review⭐⭐⭐ 3 stars | When production assistant, Marlowe Banks, has to fill in as an extra across leading man Angus Gordon, the last thing she expects is for TV show's entire fanbase to hone in on a single, heated look between them. But they do and suddenly she's thrown into the spotlight, and thrown into more scenes with Angus (which turns out to be a very, very good thing). Ultimately it's about two people falling for one another as they look past the snap judgements  (him as the "bad boy") and their own insecurities (her feeling like a failure after her costume design work is torn apart by critics), and finding a new path. It was a quick, sweet romance that I did like overall and would recommend borrowing from the library (not to buy) but I have to admit that months later (I read this in October), it's not exactly the most memorable. 

* * *

reprint pub 2021-22 by Berkley • Sci-fi/paranormal Romance • Received from pub for review⭐⭐⭐ 3 stars | The tl;dr synopsis is that a group of women are abducted by aliens for nefarious reasons and when they land on an ice planet, they manage to escape only to run into a different set of aliens who happen to be blue, gorgeous, and eager to win them over through total devotion into mating for life (whew!). To say that I was skeptical would be an understatement but my curiosity won out and I can't believe I'm saying this, but I actually kinda like these books. Even though the series is outlandish and ridiculous (which I fully believe the author is aware of and actually leans into), I found myself laughing out loud a lot (probably not when I'm supposed to) and just thoroughly entertained by their escapades. The only times I found myself disliking the series was in the very, very beginning of the first book (there's a triggering scene I was forewarned about and I suggest you look up) and during the second book when it became too angsty. But when it's just being crazy and sexy, I do think it's a fun, mindless read that I personally just need sometimes. So keep an open mind, don't take it seriously, and go in with low expectations, and I really think you may find it as fun as I do. 


with love,