Paranormal Book Club: Something Strange and Deadly

For the newcomers: Alexa, DJKristin and I unofficially formed the Paranormal Book Club and the goal is to re-read (or in some cases, read for the first time) old YA paranormal books. The plan is to read a book/series per season (which I'm tracking here) and after, we'll answer five questions.

Today I'll be talking about our latest read: Something Strange and Deadly.

Here are my thoughts:
  1. What were your initial thoughts about the book? Were you excited to read it?
    The last time I read this series was in 2013 as a buddy read with Alexa and I only had the fondest memories of it. I was extremely excited to reread it because I've always considered it to be Susan Dennard's best work and all these years later, I still feel the same way! It absolutely held up and in some ways, I think I appreciated the storytelling even more now because it truly stands out amongst its peers with its genre-mix of steampunk, historical, and paranormal. Not to mention, it's diverse (without trying too hard) and I still love the heroine, Eleanor Fitt, for her fiery, courageous spirit and her flaws. If you're looking for a zombie book that has all the elements I already mentioned plus a motley group of friends, a little bit of magic, travel (in the later books), and romance, this is a must-read.  

  2. What was your favorite quote or passage, and why did it resonate with you? 
    "'Miss Fitt, you know curiosity gets men killed.' I grinned. 'Then I daresay it's good I'm a woman.'" 
    I think this passage sets the tone for exactly who Eleanor is. I truly do love her sass and her unwillingness to submit to society's expectations of her as a woman. She's very much her own person and that is something that deeply resonates with me. 

  3. Which character did you relate to the most, and what was it about them that you connected with?
    I related to Eleanor the most! I don't think I'd jump headfirst into a battle with zombies but I'm not someone who can sit idly by when there's a problem and we certainly have that in common. Not to mention, we both place importance on family, friendship, and independence.

  4. Was there anything you wanted to see more of in the book, like more page time for a secondary character or a plot point you wish was explored more?
    In the series, Eleanor teams up with the Spirit Hunters to battle their zombie problem (and more) and there's one particular person by the name of Daniel Sheridan that I will always want more of. 

  5. What are your final thoughts? Would you read this book again and/or continue with the series? Would you read another book written by the same author?
    I still love this series and in fact, both Alexa and I ended up rereading the entire series. By the end, we both loved it as much as we did the first time around. I have read Susan Dennard's newer series, Truthwitch, but I only really enjoyed the first book and it went downhill (for me!) from there so I never finished it. I am interested in The Luminaries, which came out last month, so I may check that out. 

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