Review: When Sparks Fly by Helena Hunting

I had just been saying recently how even though I do enjoy all the rom-com books lately, what I've missed (and really wanted) were the romances with angst and sexy times. When Sparks Fly totally fit the bill! I actually went into the book pretty blind as my main reason for reading it was because Helena Hunting wrote it and she did not disappoint. Avery and her two younger sisters run their family business, the Spark House, a premier hotel/event space in Colorado Springs. Between a job she loves, her friends and sisters, and living in a condo with her best friend Declan, life is good. Then Avery is in a car accident which leaves her immobile for weeks. It's a sobering moment for all as it could've been much worse and brings up painful memories for both Avery and her sisters, and Declan insists on being her sole caretaker throughout her healing process. And this is when is get complicated (I love a complicated, messy relationship in my romances!).

Avery and Declan have a long history together stemming since college but suddenly being together 24/7 and him taking care of her every need (and I mean every need!), has them questioning and finally realizing what's between them. I absolutely loved the progression of their relationship. We got to see the good, the bad, and the ugly and I appreciated that while the author was ramping up on the romance aspect, she didn't neglect the fact that Avery was healing her body and how frustrating that was for such an active person. She also didn't shy away from Avery and Declan's issues, with the former dealing with hers head on while the latter preferred to shut down. It made the conflict that much sadder and intense and likewise, the conclusion that much sweeter. 

Do I recommend? Yes! I really, really enjoyed this. 

pub 9/21/21 by St. Martin's Griffin
Adult - Contemporary Romance
Received e-ARC from pub for review


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