How I Stay Organized

Over the past year, I really feel like I've found a process that works for me when it comes to organizing my calendar, to-do's, and little reminders. I actually shared my favorite apps on here once before but that was 6 years ago (!) and many of those apps no longer exist. Now, my tools for staying on top of things is a lot simpler and there's a very defined, specific use for each. 

I use it for: my digital calendar
I've been using this app for 5 years, give or take, and for me it's the best calendar app. There seems to be a setting for almost everything and I love the level of control and customization it gives its users. The interface is also really clean and the seamless transition between monthly and weekly views is super important to me. The app is connected to my Google account so I can see the argument for just using Google Calendar, which is free (and the second best calendar app), but I like Timepage more. It's worth paying for, especially since the bundle lets me use their other app, which is next on this list. 

I use it for: time-sensitive reminders and daily/weekly/monthly routine chores
I only started using Actions last year when I purchased the bundle that included this, Timepage, and their other app Flow. It lets you create to-do's, either one-time or repeating, that can be grouped into lists. The lists are color-coded and if you have the Timepage app, your "actions" will show up there as well. As I mentioned, I use this for time-sensitive reminders and chores. For example: I have daily reminders for taking my vitamins and posting in my photo journal; weekly reminders for cleaning my fish tank and ordering groceries from Instacart; and bi-weekly reminders for throwing out contacts and changing bedsheets. I even have reminders for when to throw out makeup because I actually keep track of when I open products and use them within the recommended timeframe. What all these reminders have in common is that they're time-sensitive and are part of a routine. 

I use it for: random lists that don't need a specific due date
This is another list app which basically does everything Actions does, except it's not tied to my calendar which is why I use it for random lists. I think the interface is better-suited for that purpose although it does allow you to set due dates as well. And for me, I like the separation between things I have to do vs. ideas or things I just want to keep track of in a list format. So on To Do, my lists cover a variety of topics ranging from from books, ice cream shops to check out, travel and summer bucket lists, and more. It also allows for collaborating (which isn't available on Actions) and I have a couple with Alexa for books we're reading together and anime we watch together. 

I use it for: my physical planner to write down a combination of everything above 
Even though I'm a digital person who loves finding useful apps like the ones I've mentioned, writing things down just helps me to remember better. I've been using the BlueSky planners from Target for years now. I love the simple monthly and weekly views, and that I can easily throw the planner into my purse (I use either one of the two smallest sizes) and it's not bulky at all. And if you're wondering if I track anything in here that's different from the three aforementioned apps? The answer is yes. In the weekly view, I write down the list of books I plan to read that week. Plus I write down random off-the-cuff things to do like call my dad, blog tonight, work out, or go to the post office. These items are far less routine but still time-sensitive which is why my planner feels like the perfect place for them. 

So that's how I stay organized! What do you think - does this seem like overkill or do you have a similar process? I'd love to hear what apps and planners you use!

Photo above by STIL on Unsplash


  1. Love this. I rely heavily on Apple's native calendar and reminder apps--and for years I thought I didn't need anything else. But with working from home and changing schedules I decided to revisit a paper planner that could transition to when I have to go back to work. So now I'm using a traveler notebook set up from Webster's Pages for a paper planner which has actually been incredibly helpful.

  2. I feel like I'm always changing up certain elements of my organization system, but I've got a few staples as well! I use Google Calendar for my digital planner, Reminders (it's basically my version of Actions), To Do for lists (including our collabs like you mentioned), Notes for important info or jotting down ideas, and a Papier planner to physically write things down and check them off. I also have my reading journal and reading spreadsheet!

  3. I like Microsoft To Do app too - funnily enough I use for ideas for future blog topics ! Great selection of solutions - thank you for sharing them :)


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